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Blog name or URL Blog description A blog supporting the public seminar series and postgraduate course on cross disciplinary perspectives on data and AI in society
Na tali e Godjam anian / / MAFA 5 (2020-2021)
Wang Yaxuan's blog
#gurumedia film, image, art, sound, and beyond
175 Years of MHSES: Looking forward, looking back While we celebrate Moray House’s 175th anniversary, we asked our staff what their hopes and expectations were for the future in their field.
200 Days - One Thesis notching my journey to the finishline of a thesis and perhaps a pandemic (update: pandemic ended, panic begins, but here goes..)
???? Ke's Blog on Education Futures
??????? ????? / ?????? ?? ???????????? ??? (2022-2023)[???1]
??????? ????? / ???????? (????-????)[????]
??????? ????? / ???????????? ??? & ???? ???????? (????-????)[????]
??????? ????? / ???????????? ??? + ???????????? (????? ??) (????-????)[????]
??Xiaowei's Blog It‘s a sketchbook and my learning diary
A black woman in Edinburgh, studying Digital Society
A foray into Delia's world The ramblings of a bilingual foodie lost in the Learning Technology world
A Life in the Airwaves Thoughts about days spent in a digital world.
A New Page? Libraries, Austerity and the Shifting Boundaries of Civil Society
A Viking in the Sun Harald Hardrada, the Mediterranean, and the Nordic World, between the late Viking Age and the Eve of the Crusades
abby / drawn from the city
About me Outline of my role
Academic Blogging
Adam Losekoot / Research Methods and Transferable Skills (2022-2023)[SEM1]
Advanced Autonomy through Human-AI Collaboration Developing a new design methodology for AI systems based on learning new skills from human instructors at run-time
Afrin Ahmed / Anthropology of Sex and Reproduction (2020-2021)[SEM2]
Aidie Chumbe / Knowledge Integration and Project Planning: Narrative Futures: Art, Data and Society (2023-24)
Alanna McCrum / Drawn From the City (2021-2022)[SEM1]
Alexander Dalton / Drawn From the City (2020-2021)[SEM2]
Alexandra Osborn / Art Practice 2 (2020-2021)[YR]
Alexis Cartwright-Taylor
Aliah Iman Khairul Azhar / Environmental Design: Materials, Ecologies, Futures (2022-2023)[SEM1]
Alice Barker / Art Practice 4 (2020-2021)[YR]
Alice Barker / Presentation: Methods & Context 4 (2020-2021)[YR]
Ambrose Brown, Data, Inequality and Society (2023-24) Decoding Inequality in the Age of Information
Amy Lau / Environmental Design: Materials, Ecologies, Futures (2022-2023)[SEM1]
An Indonesian Nurse\'s Story This blog is a platform for me to reflect on my nursing career and leadership skills journey as an Indonesian nurse. As a nurse of color, I aim to share my experiences, including the highs and lows that I have encountered along the way, in the hope of inspiring other nurses in Indonesia and beyond.
Andrew Curtis
Andrew's Blog Andrew's Blog
Andy Sims Group Personal blog of the Andy Sims group
Andy's Blog: The "Edinburgh Model" Course
Angharad Franziska intermedia art - my virtual studio space
Anil Yesilkaya's Personal Blog Light Fidelity (LiFi)
Animation Research Network Scotland Animation Research Network Scotland has been established to bring together researchers and practitioners working in education and the creative industries. Its purpose is to increase awareness and visibility of the breadth of work in animation and the many related creative industries in Scotland and beyond.
Anna's blog BA Fine Art
Annabel Treshansky's Blog which I don't go up mountains
Anthroposphere Reset . Reverese . Rehabilitate
Anton Ziolkowski Homepage Professional Career Information
Architectural Conservation Masterclasses
Art & Learning School of Art Research Group & Open Courseware
Art in Translation
Artificial Intelligence & Public Service Media Exploring the challenges AI poses for Public Service Media (PSM) & building a research agenda
ASTROMOVES: Studying Astrophysicists' Careers and other Cultural Astronomy Topics ASTROMOVES is funded by the European Union in the form of an Marie Sk?odowska Curie Action Individual Fellowship. This blog shares research findings and discussions about ASTROMOVES, but also captures the other Cultural Astronomy research and activities of PI Jarita Holbrook. The reader may find here information about Astrophysics Culture, African Indigenous Astronomy, and Indigenous Astronomy in general.
Austin Tate’s Blog
Ava Amrolia's Blog Film and TV 1C: Introduction to a Film Set (2023-2024)[SEM2]
Basma Ikram / Global Health Challenges: An Introduction (2021-2022)[SEM1]
Beck Dawson / Art Practice 3 take a peek into my brain, don’t dig too deep or you’ll get muddy
Bella Mercer / Interior Design 2B - Change of Use (2023-2024)[SEM2]
Ben Harte
Benjamin Cox, Statistics PhD Student
Between the Lines A blog by a research student making sense of unarticulated wor(l)ds
Beyond the Brain Conference Academic Conference at the University of Edinburgh on Reconceptualizing Mental Disorders
Bingo, Women and Community: Exploring the Lived and Living Experience of Women who play Bingo Follow my research journey as a PhD candidate exploring the lived and living experience of women playing bingo.
Blockchain Technology Lab Blog The latest conversations, stories and opinions of the Blockchain Technology Lab
Blockchain Technology Lab Blog The latest conversations, stories and opinions of the Blockchain Technology Lab
Borui Zhang / Contemporary Art & Open Learning (2022-2023)[SEM1]
Borui Zhang / Curating (2022-2023)[SEM2]
Borui Zhang / Themes in Contemporary Art (2022-2023)[SEM1]
Brandon Lenoir / Environmental Design: Materials, Ecologies, Futures (2023-2024)[SEM1]
Brandon Zietsman / Global Health Challenges: An Introduction (2021-2022)[SEM1]
Bridie Gill Art Practice 2/Artistic Research 2
Bryne Ngwenya - Microbial Geochemistry@ed Microbial geochemistry research at Edinburgh
Buddhism Teaching Resources Teach about Buddhism with a little help from Edinburgh Buddhist Studies
burning the midnight data
Caliphal Finances The Finances of the Caliphate: Abbasid Fiscal Practice in Islamic Late Antiquity
Callum Bird-Neilson
Calum Hoad SENSE CDT PhD Student
Calypso Rubinstein Keightley / Fine Art Studio 5
Capucine Leclere / Art Practice 2
Carbon and Climate Change Economics writings The voices of the students of the Carbon Economics and Climate Change Economics courses, and occasional guests.
CDT Data Science Blog Blog by students on the EPSRC funded CDT in Data Science at the University of Edinburgh.
CEID Community @Moray House Studying and Living at the University of Edinburgh
Celtic & Scottish Studies Blog Traditional arts, languages and culture in Scotland
Centre for Sustainable Forests and Landscapes Blog
Charlie Fraser / Geoscience Outreach Blogs
Charlotte Bosseaux / An Edinburgh Model for Online Teaching
Charlotte Walshaw SENSE CDT PhD Student in Remote Sensing of Antarctic Vegetation
Chasing Sustainability: Tales from South Asia a collection of films and lesson plans on the multi-faceted impacts and narratives of climate change in South Asia
Chemistry Director of Teaching Blog Teaching news and views from School of Chemistry, University of Edinburgh
Chen Zhang / Environmental Design: Materials, Ecologies, Futures (2020-2021)[SEM1]
Chengyi Xu / Drawn From the City (2021-2022)[SEM1]
Chenyan Wang / Contemporary Art & Open Learning (2022-2023)[SEM1]
Chenyan Wang / Themes in Contemporary Art (2022-2023)[SEM1]
Chi Zhang / Design Exploration (Illustration) (2020-2021)[SEM1]
Child audiology in Scotland A blog about the NHS Lothian scandal and what happens next
Childhood and Youth Studies Contributing to realising children and young people’s human rights through research, teaching, policy and practice in childhood and youth studies
Christina Samson / Global Health Challenges: An Introduction (2022-2023)[SEM1]
Christina Yang / Environmental Design: Materials, Ecologies, Futures (2023-2024)[SEM1]
Christopher Hall
Chukwuebuka Nwobi My research
CIM22 'Participation' Conference on Interdisciplinary Musicology, 8-10 June 2022
Cindy Zhan / Environmental Design: Materials, Ecologies, Futures (2022-2023)[SEM1]
Cities and Young People
Claudia Colesie Hi! I am Claudia Colesie, an plant physiologist studying lichens and mosses in Polar Regions.
Claudia Elijas Parra Volcanologist | PhD Student at The University of Edinburgh
Cleo Miki | Reality Hunger: Image and Appetite in Contemporary Fiction
Climate Change Adaptation and Cultural Heritage A space for sharing stories, ideas and updates from research and learning on climate change adaptation
Closet for the Curious: Old College's Uneven Evolutions Weile Zou · Guided Research Placement 23-24
Collective Reflective Learning for Social Justice in Nepal’s Community-Based Natural Resource Management
College of Science & Engineering News and stories from the College of Science & Engineering
Colouring books blog The 'we have great stuff' colouring books are openly licensed resources created by University of Edinburgh students and staff for everyone to enjoy.
Computational Linguistics and Language Philosophy Thinking Deeply About Language
Constellation The ECA / MA CAT's Spring Curatorial Programme
Contemporary Art + Anthropology 2024 (ARTX11042) MA Contemporary Art Theory, School of Art, ECA
Conversations in Global Health Challenges Kevin Melanson / Student, Global Health Challenges: An Introduction
Cop26 at New College
Cosimo Angiulli / Environmental Design: Materials, Ecologies, Futures (2020-2021)[SEM1]
COVID-19 Perspectives Research on COVID-19 from across the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences at the University of Edinburgh
Cracking the Code to the Archive: Facing the Truth of the Other
Creating Sustainable Internet of Things Futures
Critical Digital Literacies How to navigate through surveillance for assessment
Dahlia Hellerstein / Film and TV 1C: Introduction to a Film Set (2023-2024)[SEM2]
Dan Sharing Fun Ideas Digital Times
Dana’s Blogs Knowledge Integration and Project Planning: Data and Artificial Intelligence Ethics (2023-24)
Daniel Wong / Product Design 1A: Fundamentals (2020-2021)[SEM1]
Daria Frunzulica / Environmental Design: Materials, Ecologies, Futures (2023-2024)[SEM1]
Daria Frunzulica / Lighting Design for Spaces (2023-2024)[SEM1]
Dark matters Crime, technology and society by Angus Bancroft
Data Science & Football
Data, Design and the City
Data-driven Innovation in MEdicine Research group based in the Medical School at the University of Edinburgh that focuses on engineering data-driven solutions to improve medicine!
Dave Reay Dave Reay, University of Edinburgh
David McComb on the Physics of Turbulence Anecdotes, Observations and Provocations
Deaf Education in the UK
Decarbonising the University of Edinburgh A blog dedicated to making the University of Edinburgh's estates a model campus for the climate transition
Decolonised Transformations Confronting the University's Legacies of Slavery and Colonialism
Delia\'s Playground
Depression Detectives A blog for the radical citizen science project Depression Detectives
Derek Cai / Art Practice 4 (2020-2021)[YR]
Derek Cai / Presentation: Methods & Context 4 (2020-2021)[YR]
Dermot Rooney / Lighting Design for Spaces (2022-2023)[SEM2]
Design Research and Practice (2022-2023) Hassan Habbab / Interior Design 4A
Devenir une runneuse (encore) Redécouvrir mon histoire d’amour avec la course à pied .... et essayer d’en parler dans Français
DiagnosisView Immediate info on 1,000+ diagnoses
Dian Wang / Environmental Design: Materials, Ecologies, Futures (2022-2023)[SEM1]
Diana Saab / Art and Design (2021-2022)[SEM1]
Diary of an Educational Sciences Researcher
Digital Global Development The Digital Global Development Cluster will bring together a range of researchers across the University of Edinburgh in 2022/23 to offer answers to the following question: How is digitalization transforming international development in theory and practice? Each researcher will offer their own unique perspective, grounded in their particular work and the ways in which digital technology has been affecting and transforming the field they are working in. Please get in touch with the Cluster director, Andreas Hackl, If you would like to write a post. To find out more about the cluster, please visit:
DIGITAL ISLAM ACROSS EUROPE Understanding Muslims’ Participation in Online Islamic Environments
Digital Learning Applications and Media All the edtech shenanigans that's fit to print
Digital Professionalism in Nursing Education
Digital Safety, Wellbeing and Citizenship
Digital Wellbeing Project
Ding's blog Enjoy science, enjoy life
Disabled Staff Network Teaching, Training and Research
Diverse Collections A blog showcasing stories of equality and diversity within the University of Edinburgh's Centre for Research Collections
DNA Nanotech In Action Katherine Dunn's Research Group at the University of Edinburgh
Documenting Jazz Conference 2021 The Website of the 2021 Documenting Jazz Conference
Double spaced Research and the craft of creative writing
Dr Andrew Bell Volcanologist and seismologist at the School of GeoSciences, University of Edinburgh
Dr Florian Fusseis Reader in Structural Geology, University of Edinburgh, UK
Dr Lorna Street My research
Dr Matjaz Vidmar Lecturer in Engineering Management | Developing Open Engineering | Researching Innovation Process, Strategic Management, Systems Design and Futures Literacy
Dr Stuart Gilfillan Reader in Geochemistry, University of Edinburgh, UK
Dr Wei Li\'s Research Group Materials and processes for green planet and sustainable future
Dr. Amalia Skilton - Chancellor's Fellow
Dr. Mikaël Attal Professor of Geomorphology @ the School of GeoSciences
Drawn From the City (2020-2021), Maciej Ko??
Drawn From the City: Ilakkiya Mohanraj Semester 1
Earlier medieval history A public site for research on earlier medieval history
Earth Observation for Development Blog This is the blog for Gary Watmough and the Geospatial Livelihoods research team at the University of Edinburgh
East Asia on the Move: shifting dynamics Early Career Researchers and Graduate Students Conference 2021
ECA Illustration ECA Illustration website
Ece Gul / Interior Design 3C: Externality
ECO LAW Blog The Blog of the Environmental, Climate and Oceans Law (ECO Law) research group of the School of Law, University of Edinburgh.
Eco-translation Network A network of scholars working on translation, ecology and environment
Economic Sociology at the University of Edinburgh
ECRED Welcome to the ECRED blog! The Edinburgh Centre for Research on the Experience of Dementia (ECRED) aims to create international social research and impact that prioritises the experience of dementia and strengthens global understanding of living with dementia.
ECRF - Sustainable Wellness Promoting healthy living and sustainability
Edinburgh 1841: A Local Musical History This blog gathers material on the musical histories of Edinburgh in and around the year 1841. It builds on research conducted by first-year undergraduate students at the Reid School of Music as part of their course "Thinking About Music".
Edinburgh Architecture Research
Edinburgh Cancer Informatics Unofficial webpages for the the Edinburgh Cancer Informatics Programme
Edinburgh Cast Collection
Edinburgh Centre for Global History News and events updates for the Edinburgh Centre for Global History
Edinburgh Critical Care Online
Edinburgh Decameron: Lockdown Sociology at Work Recording and commenting in stories, accounts and moments about the pandemic unfolding
Edinburgh Forum on Korea
Edinburgh Gifford Lectures Blog Edinburgh Gifford Lectures Blog
Edinburgh Health Economics
Edinburgh Imaging Project The Edinburgh Imaging Project (EIP) develops novel methods for imaging and monitoring of the Earth's subsurface, using methods from inverse theory, migration, tomography and data science
Edinburgh Medicine Timeline Stories and events from Edinburgh Medicine
Edinburgh Network for Studies in Secrecy ENSiS at the University of Edinburgh
Edinburgh Open Research Publishing regular news and updates on Open Research work from across the University
Edinburgh Private Law Blog
Edinburgh Pro Bono and Clinical Legal Education Blog
Edinburgh Race Equality Network
Edinburgh Seven Celebrating the 150th anniversary of seven Edinburgh women who helped change education forever.
Editorial and publications A collection of publications, articles and editorial content by Brian Campbell.
EdMAC - Edinburgh Music Analysis Conference The SMA annual Music Analysis Conference hosted at the University of Edinburgh, 1-3 July 2024
Educational Design and Engagement Enriching the student learning experience & supporting development of on campus and online courses.
EEHN The Edinburgh Environmental Humanities Network presents researchers within the humanities with a forum in which to engage with each other’s work, to share insights, and develop collaborative partnerships.
EFI Student Exhibitions Showcasing Creative Work by Students at the Edinburgh Futures Institute
EFI Utopia Lab creating space to dream a future (present)
Eilidh Anderson / Film and TV 1C: Introduction to a Film Set (2023-2024)[SEM2]
Electronic Legal Deposit Shaping the library collections of the future
Elif Yildiz MScR student in the Center for Language Evolution
Ella Burns / Knowledge Integration and Project Planning: Narrative Futures: Art, Data and Society (2023-24) Blogging about my ideas and the development about my Futures Project
Ellen Catterall / Health, bodies and embodiment (2023-2024)[SEM2]
Ellena Dallas / Edinburgh College of Art (2023-2024)
Ellie Priest / Fine Art (2023-2024) online sketchbook
Ellie Sutton / Geoscience Outreach and Engagement (2020-2021)[FLEX]
Ellie Walser-Barnard
Ellie Wood Ecologist and environmental social scientist
Emigration blog Just another Academic Blogging Service site
Emiko Sugimura-Komabayashi High-pressure experimental mineralogist
Emiley's blog
Emilia Porter / An Edinburgh Model for Online Teaching
Emily Carrell / Drawn From the City (2022-2023)[SEM1]
Emina Kubat / Global Health Challenges: An Introduction (2022-2023)[SEM1]
Emma Sands PhD Student, School of Geosciences
Engagement & Impact
Enhancing International PG Student Experience at History, Classics & Archaeology
Enqi Cao / Environmental Design: Materials, Ecologies, Futures (2023-2024)[SEM1]
ENRE Online Scientific Event Series Website to support the INFORMS/ENRE Online Scientific Event Series
Enslaved childhoods in the Roman world
Enterprise Architecture Discussion and news from the Enterprise Architecture (EA) service
Environmental Conditions of Detention The research project Environmental Conditions of Detention aims to understand the impact on detainees of the environment in which they are held.
Equity for Pigs Creating a circular economy that enriches the lives of farm animals
Eric Iyahen / Research Design for Public and Global Health (2020-2021)[FLEX]
ESALA Projects Supporting real world consultancy by collaborating staff and students
Ethics of Artificial Intelligence Online Course | Summer 2020
Euan McCall / Art Practice 2 (2020-2021)[YR]
Eva Cheng's blog
Exploring Romance in Marseille Investigating the politics of movement in Claude McKay's Romance in Marseille
Exploring the relationship between lived experience and treatment decisions for adults living with fecal incontinence
Fany Yuan / Curating (2023-2024)[SEM2]
Festival of Cultural Heritage Research 2024 organised by the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Edinburgh
FILL+ Framework for Interactive Learning in Lectures A tool for characterising classroom practices
Fiona Buckland Thoughts and reflections on some stuff learning technology related and other random things that cross my path.
Fiona Goss - Art Practice
Fixing The Future: The Right to Repair and Equal-IoT UKRI EPSRC funded project
Florence White / Drawn From the City (2021-2022)[SEM1]
follow the dot adventures in higher education & music
Food Waste in Fruit and Vegetable Supply Chains How do fruit and vegetable supply chains collaborate to mitigate food waste?
For Times Like These The University of Edinburgh Chaplaincy Blog
Fran Drawns / Drawn From the City (2021-2022)[SEM2]
Future student online experiences Sharing the work of the Prospective Student Web Content Team
Gabriel Levine Brislin / Art Practice 4 (2020-2021)[YR]
Gabriel Levine Brislin / Presentation: Methods & Context 4 (2020-2021)[YR]
Gabriele Clarissa Hegerl
Gaelic Algorithmic Research Group Rannsachadh digiteach air a' Ghàidhlig ~ Goireasan digiteach airson nan Gàidheal
Gary Watmough's Personal Website Research and teaching in geospatial livelihoods and sustainability in the School of Geosciences.
Gearóid Brennan Musings of a nurse and early-career academic
Gemma Smith (Alliyah Enyo) / Art Practice 4 (2020-2021)[YR]
Generation Scotland Generation Scotland is a volunteer led study. It aims to create more effective treatments, based on gene knowledge for the medical, social and economic benefit of Scotland and its people.
Geoff Bromiley Extreme conditions: making planets in the lab
Geoffrey Boulton OBE FRS FRSE Regius Professor of Geology Emeritus
George Kinnear's Blog Technology Enhanced Mathematics Education
Global Compassion Initiative • BLOG Articles, reviews and news
Global Health Academy • BLOG Articles, reviews and news
Gong Xue Blog
Grace Joyram / Stitch: Embroidering our Heritage into Contemporary Practice (2019-2020)[SEM2]
Groundswell Transforming our cities from the ground up
GSO 2020 Edinburgh, 8 - 10 June, 2020
Guided Research Placement
Guided Research Placement 2021/22 #FindYourSurreal with The National Galleries of Scotland
Hassan Habbab / Lighting Design for Spaces (2021-2022)[SEM2]
Health IT innovation Social dimensions of change
Hebe Ide Drawn from the City
High Pressure Chemical Physics Webpage for the High Pressure Chemical Physics research group within the Centre for Science at Extreme Conditions (CSEC) and the School of Physics & Astronomy at the University of Edinburgh.
Higher Education Research Group Covering all aspects of Higher Education, this blog features contributions from members of the Higher Education Research Group
History of Art at the University of Edinburgh
Holyrood Campus Learning Technology for staff at Edinburgh University's Holyrood campus
Holyrood Campus Learning Technology A blog about the work of Learning Technologists in the Holyrood campus
How to meet Tips for setting up and running twinned conferences & hybrid seminars at any budget
Huawei-Edinburgh Joint Lab
Hugh Sinclair Mountains, rivers, sediment and floods
Hugh\'s Geophysical Blog Occasional musings on meteorology and other bits of Earth science
Humour in the Arts Dr Emma Sullivan
Hybrid Pioneers A cross-institute initiative developed at MHSES and COL to explore perspectives, practice, and innovations in hybrid learning and teaching
Hybrid Propositions
Hybrid Working Programme Blog Surfacing the front-line experiences of staff as we evolve our best hybrid working practices, sharing our successes and failures, and learning from each other.
IAD4RESEARCHERS Researcher Development at The University of Edinburgh
Ian Graham\'s blog. This is a blog of things loosely related to Ian Graham's teaching and research.
Ian Main\'s personal web page
Ideas, research and musings Oliver Reed: Exploring an art practice
IEEE ICE Conference 2023 Shaping the future | Edinburgh, 19 - 22 June 2023
Images of Care Welcome to the online platform for Images of Care, a University of Edinburgh research project. Images of Care uses creative and engaging methods to explore what care means in later life.
Imagine HE Writing about creative survival in higher education
Improving Justice in Child Contact Children's participation in child contact decision-making for families affected by domestic violence
Inequalities Study Group Blog / MSc Sogiology & Global Change A selection of short blogs looking at global inequality
Influence Government Research into the practices and impacts of government use of online targeted advertising for behavioural change
Inform.ed The Careers Service Blog
Informatics Learning Technology Service for staff in the School of Informatics, at the University of Edinburgh
Informatics Student Tips School of Informatics students give their tips on studying Computer Science and living in Edinburgh
Information Services Group: Student Employee Blog Hear from students about their experience working in the University's Information Services Group
Insect Robotics Group Building robots to understand insect behaviour
Institute for Regeneration and Repair Stories of science and people from across the Institute for Regeneration and Repair
Institute of Genetics and Cancer A blog for our community to write about their interests and to share their stories.
INTEGRATE Integrating seasoNal Thermal storagE with multiple enerGy souRces to decArbonise Thermal Energy
Intercultural Approaches to Student Education CIF funded pilot project bringing together Moray House School of Education and Sport and School of Medicine, for academic year 2022-2023
Intermediality: Literature, Film and the Arts in Dialogue MSc / PhD Programmes and Research Strand at the University of Edinburgh
International Women\'s Day International Women's Day is an important day to celebrate women's social, economic, cultural & political achievements + call for gender equality.
Irin Lathif / Research Design for Public and Global Health (2022-2023)[FLEX]
Isabella Inskip / MA FINE ART 4 STUDIO AND RESEARCH (2020-2021)[YR]
ISG Playful Engagement
It's My Turn An interactive play performed at the Edinburgh International Science Festival 2019
Itamar Kastner | University of Edinburgh | ????? ?????
Itandehui - Film Practice
ITIL Tattle Blog posts on ITIL and ITSM news and best practice from the ISG ITIL Team
Itske Hooftman / Art and Design (2021-2022)[SEM1]
Iveta ?upová
Jack-Andrew Smith Seismologist | PhD student, University of Edinburgh
Jal Manthan Understanding the world through water.
James Scott Robinson Comparing objectives and realities of community forest management in south-eastern Tanzania
James Slack Test Blog 08/12
Jamie O\'Donnell / Presentation: Methods & Context 4 (2020-2021)[YR]
Jamie Pearce
Jantz Andersson / Knowledge Integration and Project Planning: Future Governance (2023-24)
Japanese Studies Gakuen-sai
Japanese Studies Gakuen-sai 2024
Jasmin Frost / Anthropology of Sex and Reproduction (2020-2021)[SEM2]
Jasmine Forbes / Art Practice 4 (2020-2021)[YR] JASMINES BLOG
Jennifer Scott MScR Student in Oceanography and Past Climates
Jennifer Struthers / Geoscience Outreach and Engagement (2020-2021)[FLEX]
Jess Gramp
Jia Ding / Contemporary Art & Open Learning (2022-2023)[SEM1]
Jia Ding / Curating (2022-2023)[SEM2]
Jia Ding / Themes in Contemporary Art (2022-2023)[SEM1]
Jiahui Li / Contemporary Art & Open Learning (2022-2023)[SEM1]
Jiahui Li / Contemporary Art + Anthropology (Level 11) (2022-2023)[SEM2]
Jiahui Li / Curating (2022-2023)[SEM2]
Jiahui Li / Themes in Contemporary Art (2022-2023)[SEM1]
Jianan Lu / Curating (2023-2024)[SEM2]
Jianhao Lai / Curating (2022-2023)[SEM2]
Jiawei Yu / Issues and Concepts in Digital Society (2022-2023)[SEM1]
Jiayen Lai Forest, People, Justice
Jiechen Li / Design Studio (Illustration) (2022-2023)[SEM2]
Jill Harvey / Art in Practice 1 (2023-2024)[YR]
Jillian Lee Adamson Art Practice 3 (2020-2021)[YR]
Jing-Ting Huang / Contemporary Art & Open Learning (2022-2023)[SEM1]
Jing-Ting Huang / Contemporary Art + Anthropology (Level 11) (2022-2023)[SEM2]
Jing-Ting Huang / Curating (2022-2023)[SEM2]
Jing-Ting Huang / Themes in Contemporary Art (2022-2023)[SEM1]
Jingyi Zhong / Curating (2023-2024)[SEM2]
Joel McEwen / Drawn From the City (2020-2021) Expression is shown through art
John L. Godlee
Jon Jack / Jon Jack - Learn Playground
Josie Lancaster / Interior Design 2B - Change of Use (2023-2024)[SEM2]
Julia Smolinska / Art Practice 2 (2020-2021)[YR]
Julia Smolinska / Sustainable Sculpture Practice (2020-2021)[SEM2]
Juliet Saunders / Computer-Aided Design (2023-2024)[SEM1]
Juliet Saunders / Interior Design 2B - Change of Use (2023-2024)[SEM2]
July 2022 Blog update test
Junya Sun / Themes in Contemporary Art (2022-2023)[SEM1]
Kate Hudson / Contemporary Art & Open Learning (2022-2023)[SEM1]
Kate Hudson / Contemporary Art + Anthropology (Level 11) (2022-2023)[SEM2]
Kate Hudson / Curating (2022-2023)[SEM2]
Kate Hudson / Themes in Contemporary Art (2022-2023)[SEM1]
Katherine Chen / Drawn From the City (2021-2022)[SEM2]
Katie Allison / Interior Design 4A: Design Research and Practice (2022-2023)[YR]
Katie Allison / Interior Design 4B: Design Studio (2022-2023)[YR]
Katie Mitchell / Global Health Challenges: An Introduction (2020-2021)[SEM1]
Katriona Edlmann Chancellor's Fellow in Energy
Keiko Nomura
Kelly\'s 23 Things Journey through 23 things for digital knowledge among other Learning Technology posts
Key Words in Digital Sociology
Keyi Fan / Drawn From the City (2021-2022)[SEM1]
Klaudia Liu / TPG Studio (2021-2022)[SEM1]
Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) Edinburgh College of Art & Citizen's Advice Scotland
Koo Hu / Interior Design 4B: Design Studio (2022-2023)[YR]
L&F Lab
L&F Lab The Land use and Food systems Lab at the University of Edinburgh
Laam Kwok / Design Studio (Illustration) (2022-2023)[SEM2]
Landscape & Wellbeing Links This is a site for relevant or interesting links related to the Landscape & Wellbeing Programme
LANDteam The socio-ecology of land use intensification.
Language Lunch @ Edinburgh An inter-disciplinary forum for language researchers at the University of Edinburgh
Laura McConville / Interior Design 2A: Medium spaces project (2020-2021)[SEM1]
Laura McConville / Lighting Design for Spaces (2021-2022)[SEM2]
Lauren MacLean / Art Practice 4
lauren maclean / intermedia (2020-2021)
Lauren Wyness / Art Practice 2 (2020-2021)[YR]
Laurence Bell / Digital Education: Strategy and Policy (2021/2022)[SEM1]
Layiba Ahmed / Lighting Design for Spaces (2022-2023)[SEM2]
LCFG Network Component Project Progress reports on the LCFG network component project
LCFG Project Recent Activity for the LCFG project
LCFG Ubuntu Project Progress reports on the LCFG Ubuntu Project
Le Li / Relationality, Creative Practice and Education (2022-2023)
Leah Wood
Leam Howe SENSE Earth Observation CDT
Learn Ultra Blogging our journey to Learn Ultra
Learning and Teaching Conference 2021 Curriculum as a site for transformation | 15 - 17 June
Learning and Teaching Conference 2022 SHAPING OUR FUTURES | 14 – 16 JUNE
Learning and Teaching Conference 2023 Resources from the Learning and Teaching Conference 2023
Learning Design in the School of Mathematics A record of work of the first Learning Designer in the School of Mathematics
Learning Design Team Promoting a better student experience through design and technology
Lei's Blog What a lovely day!
Lejia Su / Global Health Challenges: An Introduction (2021-2022)[SEM1]
Leo Peskett\'s personal website Research on climate change, water and land use
Leonluca Klein / Geoscience Outreach and Engagement (2020-2021)[FLEX]
Leopold Ramutsamaya\'s Blog Leopold Ramutsamaya's Blog for personal use
Liam McLaughlin Politics, Philosophy and Economics student at the University of Edinburgh
Library Matters: news from ECA Library
Lichen Walk
Life at IMES (Islamic Latest News, Events, Announcements from IMES Staff, Students & Alumni
Lighting Design for Spaces Jorriane Lu
Lighting Design for Spaces Bethan Evans, s2163573
Lily Sharp Sharp / Film and TV 1C: Introduction to a Film Set (2023-2024)[SEM2]
Lin Zhang / Lighting Design for Spaces (2022-2023)[SEM2]
Lines Design(ing) Stories
Lingyi Gong / Global Health Challenges: An Introduction (2021-2022)[SEM1]
Linux & Scientific Computing - Physics & Astronomy Updates and news about Scientific Computing and Linux computational facilities in the School of Physics & Astronomy
Lisirui Wang / Contemporary Art & Open Learning (2022-2023)[SEM1]
Lisirui Wang / Curating (2022-2023)[SEM2]
Lisirui Wang / Themes in Contemporary Art (2022-2023)[SEM1]
Literacy Lab Collaborative research practices, to understand and improve children and young people's literacy experiences and outcomes
Literatures and Cultures in the Face of War Conference October 5, 2023. Co-hosted by the University of Edinburgh and Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv.
Lived-in Heritage: Perspectives on European Cultural Landscapes from Architecture Schools A collaborative project funded by the European Council for the European Heritage Days 2022 between the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning, Polytechnic University Timi?oara, Yuriy Fedkovych Chernivtsi National University, and Scottish Centre for Conservation Studies, The University of Edinburgh
Living Through Covid The City Turned Upside Down: An exhibition exploring relationships, regulations and the inversion of social ‘norms’ in the homelessness sector during the Covid19 pandemic
Lorena Benitez I'm an ecologist interested in how vegetation, animals, and humans interact across landscapes in southern and eastern Africa.
Lorna Phillips - Art Practice 4
Lorna's Demo Blog Demo blog for Academic Blogging workshop.
Louise Holway / Lighting Design for Spaces (2022-2023)[SEM2]
Love to Read Co-designing a programme, with children and teachers, to inspire and sustain a love of reading
Lowri Evans Photographer - Art Practice 4
Lucile's Blog
Lucy-Jane Allen / Art Practice 2 (2020-2021)[YR]
Lynn Hou / Issues and Concepts in Digital Society (2020-2021)[SEM1]
MA Contemporary Art Theory 2023-24 The University of Edinburgh
Maciej Kosc, Sustainable Sculpture Practice
Maddie Hargreaves / Film and TV 1C: Introduction to a Film Set (2023-2024)[SEM2]
Maddy Williamson / MA Fine Art Studio 5 (2020-2021)[YR]
Magnus Hagdorn Research Software Engineer
Mairead Lesley Bermingham, PhD, FHEA A genetic epidemiologist with a passion for science communication
Making Scotland an ACE informed nation Continuing the conversation at the Centre for Research on Families and Relationships
MAKING SENSE An exploration of the senses by Bethan Jones
Man Yuan
Manifesto for Teaching Online from Digital Education at the University of Edinburgh
Mark Lunt Postdoctoral Research Associate, School of GeoSciences
Mark Naylor’s Blog I want to know how the Earth works...
Marketing for Usher PGT degrees A test space for marketing activities
Martin Sweatman\'s research Statistical mechanics in chemical engineering
Mary Indelicato / Product Design
Masafumi Komori / Research Design for Public and Global Health (2020-2021)[FLEX]
Masood Ur Rehman
Maternal and Child Health and Wellbeing Network (MoTHer)
Mathew Williams My research and teaching
Matilda Bird / Art Practice 3 (2020-2021)[YR]
Matilda Tidmarsh / Environmental Design: Materials, Ecologies, Futures (2022-2023)[SEM1]
May Cockcroft / Drawn From the City (2020-2021)[SEM1]
Media Hopper Articles and ramblings on Media Hopper Create & Media Hopper Replay, as well as DIY Film School and Apple Podcasts
Medieval and Renaissance Music Conference 2020 The website of the Edinburgh Medieval and Renaissance Music conference.
Megan Gorrell / Geoscience Outreach and Engagement (2023-2024)[FLEX]
Meiko Matsuo / Knowledge Integration and Project Planning: Education Futures (2023-24)
Meiko Matsuo / Relationality, Creative Practice and Education (2023-24)
Meiko Matsuo / Work Futures (2023-24)
Melissa Highton Assistant Principal and Director of Learning, Teaching and Web
Melissa Highton
Mengyi Hu / Guided Research Placement (2023-2024)[YR]
MERRILL Mineral Micromagnetics for the Earth Science Community
mfindlay playground 6
Michael Gallagher / Jon Jack - Learn Playground
Michael Renfrew SENSE CDT PhD Student
Miguel Espinosa PhD Student | SENSE CDT
Miombo matters Notes and queries about land system science, with a bias towards the southern African woodlands. This is the blog for Casey Ryan and the LANDteam research group at the University of Edinburgh
Mirella Blum
Miriam Craddock / Art Practice 4 (2020-2021)[YR]
Mirium Alzeera | Global Health Challenges
Misty Li / Contemporary Art & Open Learning (2022-2023)[SEM1]
Misty Li / Themes in Contemporary Art (2022-2023)[SEM1]
Mixed heritage and Suicide in Scotland Emily Yue PhD Suicide Research
Mobility, Mood & Place
Modelling the physics and biology of Antarctic polynyas Do plankton blooms respond to melting ice shelves? How will sea ice cover around West Antarctica change in the future? Can primary productivity around Antarctica be included as a feedback in climate models?
Moh Mandhyan / Drawn From the City (2020-2021)[SEM1] Welcome to my blog!
Molly Mitchell / Art Practice 2 (2020-2021)[YR]
Monica Oliver-Diaz / Health, bodies and embodiment (2023-2024)[SEM2]
Monty Thompson / Divided Cities (2020-2021)[SEM2]
Morag Fotheringham Phd student Cryosphere & Earth Observation, Department of Geosciences, University of Edinburgh
Morello / Edinburgh Digital Security by Design Technology Platform Prototype
Mouna Ben Salem / Research Design for Public and Global Health (2021-2022)[FLEX]
MSc in Digital Education Programme Blog Test
Murray Collins
Museum of Digital Teaching Practices Museum of Digital Teaching Practices
Music & Emotional Wellbeing Study
Musical Pathways A student-led careers initiative funded by IAD Student Partnership Agreement small project grant
My Emerging Leaders Leadership Scholarship blog Thanks to the Florence Nightingale Foundation for this wonderful opportunity!
My Experience, My Voice Understanding the effect of conducting participatory trauma-focused research, with care-experienced young people and the adults working with them
My Experience, My Voice This website is developed to provide more information about the 'My Experience, My Voice' project. It provides participant information along with the ways to contact the research team.
My Values, My Mental Health!
mylesthoughts A journey through my working life and related thoughts
Mysteries of the Deep Earth: Expedition to Australia’s Underwater Volcanoes Expedition on Australia’s research vessel, the R/V Investigator, to study two parallel chains of extinct underwater volcanoes in the Coral and Tasman Seas
Nadia Saboba / Film and TV 1C: Introduction to a Film Set (2023-2024)[SEM2]
Nafisa Bushra / Global Health Challenges: An Introduction (2021-2022)[SEM1] The Impact of Mental Health Conditions in Ethiopia: An Interlinkage Between Food Insecurity and Women’s Mental Distress
Natasha Kawalek / Drawn From the City (2022-2023)[SEM1]
Nationalist 'Cyborgs' in China Reflecting on Internet-Mediated Chinese National Identity
Navigating a networked world An isolate's perspective
NDS Embroidered Archives@Edinburgh The beautiful embroidered archives held in The University of Edinburgh collections underpin all research activities. Lead researcher Lindy Richardson utilises these historic archives in community outreach work to widen access to the collections.
neilturn Nephrology, medical education, whatever
NESSIE - NIHR Evidence Synthesis Scotland InitiativE Producing high quality evidence syntheses relevant to health care, public health and social care.
New Architectures: World Heritage
New College Magazine The New College Magazine full of news to keep you up-to-date. Catch up on alumni, staff and students' achievements. Enjoy interviews and articles
New to New College A Modern Apprentice's Journey
neweducation New Education
newscience science
Newton Fund Research Links Workshop
Niamh Kroes Art Practice 2
Nick Daniels // work blog
Nick Homer SENSE CDT PhD Student
Nicole Webberley / Art Practice 2 (2020-2021)[YR]
Nilotic@Edinburgh The West Nilotic language laboratory at the University of Edinburgh
Nils Van Weelderen / Geoscience Outreach and Engagement (2020-2021)[FLEX]
NLP Apprentice I believe that Natural Language is the core to human intelligence. I want to explore this field, and here my journey begins!
North British Probability Seminar
Nozomi Nishiura / Curating (2023-2024)[SEM2]
Nuanxin Zhang / Contemporary Art & Open Learning (2022-2023)[SEM1]
Nuanxin Zhang / Curating (2022-2023)[SEM2]
Numbuko An early learning technology app committed to developing young children's love of (and confidence in) maths.
Nursing Blog Stories about Nursing at Edinburgh straight from our staff and students
Olivia Smith / Art Practice 4 (2021-2022)[YR]
Olubukola Dosumu / Critical Issues in Digital Education (2023/2024)[SEM2]
One Health Updates on research, policy and teaching activities exploring the complex relationships between human, animal and planetary health.
One Health and Conservation Medicine A blog about staff and student work connected with the MSc One Health and MVetSci Conservation Medicine programmes at the University of Edinburgh
Online Courses
Online Energy Modelling Seminars
Online Learning The now and next of global digital education
Onyebuchi Enechukwu / Knowledge Integration and Project Planning: Data, Inequality and Society (2023-24)
Open e-Textbooks for Access to Music Education This is the blog of the Open e-Textbooks for Access to Music Education project. This project is a collaboration between the Reid School of Music and Education, Design and Engagement, and is generously funded by a Student Experience Grant.
Open Research in the Classroom
Opening Hours - FOR IT SUPPORT: PLEASE CONTACT 0131 6515151 OR EMAIL: qdigital-opening-hours
Optical communications
Outcomes measurement in cancer Methods for the measurement of outcomes in cancer patients
Outdoor Environmental Education Research Blog A compilation of research from students and staff in Outdoor Environmental Education at Moray House School of Education and Sport.
Pamela Docherty's blog
Paper Trail Uh-Oh, Better Get Reflecting!
Parachute study
Peiru Peng / Relationality, Creative Practice and Education (2022-2023)
Peiying Gu / Contemporary Art & Open Learning (2021-2022)[SEM1]
Personal webpage Yair Augusto Gutiérrez Fosado
PGCon: Edinburgh Postgraduate Conference A Free Training and Networking Event for Early Career Academics and Researchers
PhD Marathon Sharing tips on increased productivity and navigating the early days of a PhD
Philipp Barthelme PhD Student in School of Geosciences
Phillip Bruner, UW Professor of Practice in Sustainable Finance Case studies and practical learning to accelerate sustainable solutions to climate change
Piccolo3 spectral systems Mac Arthur A.(1,2), Hagdorn, M.(1), Taylor R.(3), and Robinson I. (4). (1) GeoSciences, U. of Edinburgh, (2) LEO/IPL U. of Valencia, (3) Physics, U. of Edinburgh, (4) Rutherford Appleton Laboratories
Pilot Digitisation of Austrian Parish Books Information on School of Economics project digitising historical church records
PlayFair Steps
Playground - Mark Findlay
Policing the Lockdown A blog of the Scottish Institute for Policing Research
POLYisotopologues of GReenhouse gases: Analysis and Modelling
Postdigital Learning Spaces: Towards convivial, equitable and sustainable spaces for learning Book project site
Postgraduate Life News and views from the College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine's postgraduate community
PREdiCCting IBD Outcomes Updates on my PhD research: predicting disease flare and disease progression in Crohn's disease & ulcerative colitis using data from the PREdiCCt study.
Probability and Stochastic Analysis Group University of Edinburgh
Professor Robert Bingham Personal Chair of Glaciology & Geophysics
Psycholinguistics Coffee Informal Meeting to Discuss Psycholinguistic Research
Psycholinguistics Coffee Informal Meeting to Discuss Psycholinguistic Research
QDigital Help Kiosk A test area for the future of QDigital User help
Quentin's Hopefully Successful Attempt at Doing Product Design
Race and Inclusivity in Global Education Network (RIGEN) Blog The RIGEN blogs are intended to raise issues relating to promoting race equality, inclusivity, and anti-racism within education.
Rachel Howarth
Rachel Hutchison/ My internal dialogue: but make it arty Art practice 3
Rachel Utley PhD Researcher in Carbon Capture and Storage
Rachel Wood - Research Personal research page
Re-thinking Cultural Heritage and Climate Change Adaptation A free course exploring cultural heritage as a lens to critically question conventional approaches on adaptation
Realtime Learning at End Violence Lab Observations, outcomes and refections about preventing violence against children
Recycling a Hospital remembering the past as we approach the future
Regan Leonard / Film and TV 1C: Introduction to a Film Set Regan Leonard's digital journal recording her experiences and work on a film set in semester 2!
Reimagining Platforms October 31, 2022 | University of Edinburgh
Reimagining Waste Landscapes
Renaissance Goo A historian of the body and a soft matter scientist experiment with Renaissance personal care recipes
Repair and Repurposing for Pandemic Resilience
Replication: Crisis or Opportunity? A BA/Leverhulme project
Research at EdChem Blog This student written blog covers the cutting edge research conducted within the Joseph Black and Christina Miller Buildings that house the School of Chemistry, University of Edinburgh. The blog posts are written with the general public in mind so everyone can learn about what we do!
Research Bow
Research Cafe Research Café offers an informal space to share research, innovative ideas, methods and concepts for the enhancement of knowledge and enrichment of the academy and the society in which it serves.
Research Notes on EdTech for Educational Equity This blog is a visible thinking instrument to share my reflections.
Research on Childhood Trauma and Psychotic Experiences
Research Outreach Project Practice Understanding the effect of conducting participatory trauma-focused research, with care-experienced young people and adults working with them
Resilience of Traditional Structures in Madagascar to Cyclones in a Changing Climate (RC3)
RespiRisk: The UK Respiratory Risk Prediction Community RespiRisk is a hub for updates and collaboration requests from the UK Respiratory Risk Prediction Community. The page is managed by Edinburgh's Dr. Holly Tibble.
Rethinking Enlightenment: the Reception of John Locke in Germany This is the website for the research project 'Rethinking Enlightenment', which is funded jointly by the AHRC and the DFG. It will include information about events, participants, and outcomes related to the project.
Reuben's Blog
Reviving the Trinity This collaborative, interdisciplinary project looks again at the Trinity Altarpiece by Hugo van der Goes, Trinity Collegiate Church, and Trinity Hospital as emblems of Scotland’s inventive and ambitious cultural milieu, and its active, outward looking engagement with Europe and beyond. The network will re-examine the Trinity, and establish its cultural relevance today. Taking innovative approaches to materialities, geographies, and the wider artistic, intellectual, and cultural networks that connect them during the reigns of James II, III and IV, and the regency of Queen Mary of Guelders, it seeks to identify contemporary networks and reassess the significance of knowledge exchange.
Rina\'s Research Library A collection of works and scholarship relating to Children's Literature, Animal Studies, Ecocriticsm, and Folklore
Robust Artificial Intelligence for Neurorobotics Bayes Centre and School of Informatics, University of Edinburgh (26 - 28 August 2019)
Robust Artificial Intelligence for Neurorobotics Bayes Centre (5th floor) and School of Informatics, University of Edinburgh (26 – 28 August 2019)
Rona Bisset / Art and Design (2021-2022)[SEM1]
Rosie Shackell / Art and Design (2021-2022)[SEM1]
Roy Thompson
Rui Shu / Contemporary Art & Open Learning (2021-2022)[SEM1]
Rui Shu / Contemporary Art + Anthropology (Level 11) (2021-2022)[SEM2]
Rui Shu / Curating (2021-2022)[SEM2]
Ruiyi Zhan / Design Studio (Illustration) (2022-2023)[SEM2]
Rules for disordered systems Cip Pruteanu's Group Activities & Interests
Run Wang / Global Health Challenges: An Introduction
Ruoxue Zhao / Environmental Design: Materials, Ecologies, Futures (2020-2021)[SEM1]
Ruth Doherty
Sally Dolphin's Blog
Sam Harrison PDRA in spatial analyses of the carbon cycle in the dry tropics
Sandbox for CAT 2021 Sandbox
Saqib Safdar / Digital Education: Strategy and Policy (2021/2022)[SEM1] Tweet @ssafdar314
Sasha Hate / Art Practice 3 (2020-2021)[YR]
School of Divinity: Equality and Diversity News and events supporting and promoting equality, diversity and respect at the School of Divinity, New College, University of Edinburgh
School of Engineering Blog A blog for students, staff, alumni and friends of the School of Engineering.
School of GeoSciences IT - Remote Desktop
School of GeoSciences Student Blog
School of Health in Social Science Join us on Wednesday the 29th of May for the SHiSS PGR research festival
School of Informatics People and Culture Information about People and Culture activities and resources in the School of Informatics
School of Mathematics Blog for the School of Mathematics community
SCOPE Stories and views from the College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine
ScotSMART The Scottish Student Mental Health Research Network
Scottish Centre for Conservation Studies
SCPHRP Scottish Collaboration for Public Health Research & Policy
SECO: Resolving the current and future carbon dynamics of the dry tropics
Second World War Network (Scotland) Funded by The Royal Society of Edinburgh 2021-2023
Seeking Transparency in AI From Black Boxes to Radical Possibilities
SENSE Earth Observation CDT Satellite Data in Environmental Science – Centre for Doctoral Training
Sex, gender identity and academic freedom
Shared Learning Spaces Moray House School of Education and Sport - University of Edinburgh
Sharka Ondrouchova Geoscience Outreach and Engagement (2021-22)
Shasha Mao / Lighting Design for Spaces (2022-2023)[SEM2]
shca Blogs from the School of History, Classics and Archaeology
Shi Qian Pan / Global Health Challenges: An Introduction (2021-2022)[SEM1] 2
Simeng Huang Huang / Curating (2023-2024)[SEM2]
Simon Tett
Slma Omar Bahuwayrith Bahuwayrith / Environmental Design: Materials, Ecologies, Futures (2023-2024)[SEM1]
SmartSense Torø Graven's blog on and for the senses
Social Responsibility and Sustainability The Seed
Social work at The University of Edinburgh Updates & reflections from Social work
Solomon White PhD Student in School of Engineering
Sonny Stuffins / Drawn From the City (2020-2021)[SEM2]
Sophie Butcher PhD Researcher in Volcanic Seismology
Sophie Pywell / Art Practice 2 (2020-2021)[YR 2] My online studio
Sophie Templeton / Art Practice 4 (2020-2021)[YR]
South College Street Past Present Future
Space, Place, Sound and Memory Discussion and description of the ongoing research carried out by the Space, Place, Sound and Memory team
Space: weather or not Concerning the quest to predict space weather more accurately
Sport Matters ___ACADEMY OF SPORT BLOG___
SPS Web, Systems and Learning Technology Blog
Staff Pride Network The Staff Pride Network is an inclusive network that serves as a resource for the rich diversity of LGBT+ employees across the institution, including PhD students who prefer to attend staff events. We strive to take an intersectional approach to providing a safe, supportive and welcoming environment for all people who self identify as part of LGBT+ communities, whether or not they are 'out' in the wider world, and to make LGBT+ issues more visible within the University environment. Different organisations use different acronyms to refer to specific groups, and terminology is always evolving. Our definition of LGBT+ includes, among others, those who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, gender fluid, intersex, non-binary, asexual, pansexual and polyamorous. It also includes all those individuals and communities whose sexuality or gender identity is a matter of shared personal, political and/or social experience, as well as those who are LGBT+ allies.
STAY-SAFE Exploring risk and SafeTy with leArning disabilitY clients in forensic Services: an evAluation oF Talking Mats a visual, Electronic, communications tool
STEAM Gardens Research Project A Regional Skills-funded Pilot Project exploring the impact of learning about food growing in school gardens
Stella MacDougall / Sustainable Sculpture Practice (2020-2021)[SEM2]
STEPforGGR STEPforGGR is a novel large-scale greenhouse gas removal project using solar up-draft tower with photocatalysis.
Stories from Vet School Find out what our undergraduate veterinary medicine students have to say about living and studying in Edinburgh.
Student Stories Blogs and vlogs from students of the University of Edinburgh
Students at SPS SPS student voices and experiences
Study Hub Blog The Study Hub Blog is the home for study skills resources and support with student life for all taught students at the University of Edinburgh, from first year Undergraduates to taught Postgraduates.
Suicide Cultures: Reimagining Suicide Research A blog about the Suicide Cultures research project
Supporting course and programme design
Surgical and Interventional Robotics Group
Sustainable Sculpture Practice (2020-2021)[SEM2]
Suzannah Finlayson / Computer-Aided Design (2021-2022)[SEM1]
Suzy Shepherd / Narrative Futures Project planning, course reflections, and thought development while studying Narrative Futures: Art, Data & Society at the University of Edinburgh, 2023-25.
Taggie Kelham MA Fine Art Studio 5 2020/21
Tatiana Najia / Interior Design 2B - Change of Use (2023-2024)[SEM2]
Teacher Education: professional learning and leadership
Teacherbot A Twitterbot Pilot Service (2016-17)
Teaching and Research Interests
Tell us about your parenthood experience and win an iPad mini! My Baby and I Research Project
Tender Is The Day, The Demons Go Away (I work in Procurement) Procurement through the retina and iris of a free spirited Procurement Professional....
Terms and Conditions
Test Again
Testing and Trust in Scotland\'s COVID-19 Response
Testing creation1 muy blog creation test1
Textiles 2C: Materials and structure (2020-2021)[SEM1] This is a group blogging site for 2nd year UG textiles students
The British Empire, Scotland, and Indian Famines: Writings on Food Crisis in Colonial India A Royal Society of Edinburgh Research Network
THE BROWN FILES Nishi Chodimella - Artist Practice (YR 2)
The Cave, the Map, and Some Food for Thought Just the ponderings of a confused student looking to (hopefully) confuse others. Welcome.
The CO-HEART Study The CO-Produced Hypertension Adult Intervention Study
The Critical Turkey Essay Writing Hacks for the Social Sciences
The Design Den
The Enlightened Blog Sharing voices and opinions from University of Edinburgh alumni
The Film Dispatch A magazine dedicated to cinema, television and the moving image
The future of our university an interdisciplinary experiment in cooperative learning
The future of universities without EdTech?
The Gradara Model Gaming Project Creating a playable diorama of the fortified town of Gradara for 28mm-wargaming, role-playing gaming, or any other kind of gaming
The impact of big Tobacco on people's health and premature deaths in Indonesia Global Health Challenges: An Introduction (2022-2023)[SEM1]
The Irish Astrobiologist Stewart Gault
The Lady with the Balloon Hat Vagaries and Fancies around "Opening Romanticism: Reimagining Romantic Drama for New Audiences" (Grant agreement ID: 892230)
The Language Education Research Blog Exchanging and sharing ideas
The Last English Catholic Church in the World England v Europe in the 1580s
The LGBTQ+ Youth Mental Health Network
The Mason Institute Blog
The Pandemic, Dementia and the Arts Project
The Platform Social PhD-run research network exploring the social and sociotechnical dimensions of platform economies.
The Play Cafe Project Early childhood, Play and Public life
The Rain Within The Rainbow Improving understandings of LGBTQ+ suicide and suicide prevention in the UK.
The Windowless Room Welcome to my PhD blog. My name is Alexander Triccas, I am a second year PhD student studying Chemistry at the University of Edinburgh. I study mechanisms of biologically controlled crystallization in a species of marine algae called coccolithophores.
The witterings and musings of a learning technologist By Karen Howie (Head of Digital Learning Applications and Media in Information Services)
Their Finest Hour
Thinking Biology simply discovery the biology beyond humans
Thinking the Future of Money in the Humanities
Third Culture Kids Research This blog documents Third Culture Kids Research
This is a Blogs Setup Example
This is a Test Blog
Tianai Zhang / Contemporary Art & Open Learning (2022-2023)[SEM1]
Tianai Zhang / Curating (2022-2023)[SEM2]
Tianai Zhang / Themes in Contemporary Art (2022-2023)[SEM1]
Tianxing Peng / Contemporary Art & Open Learning (2022-2023)[SEM1]
Tianxing Peng / Themes in Contemporary Art (2022-2023)[SEM1]
Tim Arnold Reader
Tim Colles Yada Yada Yada
Tim Milner's art blog
Timescales of Life and Mind Conference Interdisciplinary Conference on Timescales as a Methodological Approach to Predictive Processing and the Free Energy Principle
Tom Edbrooke / Issues and Concepts in Digital Society (2020-2021)[SEM1]
Tom Webster / Education Futures Project Blog
Tom Webster / Work Futures (2023-24)
Tom Zheng / Art and Design (2021-2022)[SEM1]
Tongbo Dong Artist Tongbo Dong's space
Toni Dean / Sculpture
Towards Large-scale Cultural Analytics in the Arts and Humanities An AHRC funded project, exploring how to make use of large-scale cultural events data for research
TRAIN@Ed fellows
transaction Transaction
Transitioning Into The ANthropocene (TITAN) Learning about the climate system from data of the 19th and early 20th century.
Translating informed consent in Scottish maternity services An RSE-funded project
Transnational Sowa Rigpa between Europe and South Asia PhD Research Project in Social Anthropology, 2021-2025
Trinity Gulland / Computing in the Classroom (2023-2024)[YR]
UK Cancer Costs Questionnaire Information site for the UK Cancer Costs Questionnaire
UK-SK network workshop Materials for the UK-SK network workshop
UKABS Conference 2021 hosted by Edinburgh Buddhist Studies
UKCCIIS IOC Research Centre Conference Join the UK Collaborating Centre on Injury and Illness Prevention in Sport (UKCCIIS) and IOC Research Centre for our first International Conference on 8th and 9th July 2024 in Edinburgh.
UKPE Cross-border Learning and Innovation Collaborative Making space for interdisciplinary research, dialogue, and collaboration in Physical Education and Health and Wellbeing
Undergraduate Film & TV Film and TV at ECA
Understanding Dementia Diagnosis During COVID Welcome to the online platform for the ESRC-funded research project that aims to understand experiences of giving and receiving a dementia diagnosis during COVID-19.
University of Edinburgh Academics for Academic Freedom
University of Edinburgh Analysis Group
University of Edinburgh Christmas Charity Craft Fair Wellcome to the virtual portfolio of student, staff and alumni creations - perfect gifts for some seasonal cheer in support of good causes.
University of Edinburgh Residence Life The Official Residence Life Blog
University of Edinburgh School of Mathematics PhD students Information for PhD Students at the School of Mathematics
University Property Test
UoE Digital Safety and Citizenship Blog Managed by the University of Edinburgh Digital Safety Support Officer, this blog offers insights into online safety, digital citizenship and e-professionalism.
Use/Less A virtual pinboard of use[ful/less] information
Useful information for studying Japanese language Information on Japanese language self-study resources as well as summer programmes (fee-paying) in Japan
V. Chumbe Design Studio Interior Design 4B: Design Studio - 2023-2024
Values and Mental Health!
Verity Amelia Art Practice, Progression and Presentation Blog
Violette Chumbe Lighting Design for Spaces (2022-2023)
Virtual Philosophy Psychology and Informatics Group The Perplexities of Thinking | VPPIG Summer 2020
Virtual Reality based Mindfulness application to improve pain management (VRinMind)
voices x by jamie Jamie O'Donnell (He/Him)
Wajd Beshara / Issues and Concepts in Digital Society (2021-2022)[SEM1]
We, Our iPhones, and Us – A Digital Sociology Blog Issues and Concepts in Digital Society
Weaving the Miscarriage Web of Care Together for Change: Towards e-Health Tool for Supporting Miscarriage
Website and Communications Blog
Welcome to the 3rd International Summer School - Underground Hydrogen Storage The 3rd International Summer School on UHS will be held in Edinburgh between the 8th and 12th July 2024. The summer school will be hybrid and will cover many aspects of the UHS.
Wellbeing, Smartphones and Interactions Research Project
Wellcome Trust 4 Year PhD in Translational Neuroscience Blog
Westie Lung Disease Project The Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies, University of Edinburgh
Who Taught Her That: Advice to Women Through the Past and Into the Digital Age An exhibition and conversation space, hosted by Edinburgh MScR Students, on advice to women through the ages. Presented in collaboration with the National Library of Scotland.
Who Taught Her That? NLS Project Blog This blog tracks my progress and challenges through my work on the National Library of Scotland's project 'Behind Glass? Digital Literature, Artefact and the Language of Display' in conjunction with the Edinburgh College of Art's Masters by Research in Collections and Curating Practices programme at the University of Edinburgh.
Wikidata A resource to introduce people to Wikidata, how to edit and where to start.
Wikipedia A resource to introduce people to Wikipedia, how to edit and where to start.
Will Jack Ediburgh College of Art MA Fine Art Studio 5 (2021-2022)
Winnie Sowter / Environmental Design: Materials, Ecologies, Futures (2023-2024)[SEM1]
Winona Vigileos / Art Practice 4 (2020-2021)[YR]
Winter Tales Book Festival A festival of literature, religion and the imagination
Witchfinder General - Data Visualisation Internship This blog will be used as a platform to document by summer internship with the University of Edinburgh and Wikidata as I work with the Scottish Witchcraft Dataset.
Women in Red Edinburgh Celebrating notable women of Edinburgh
Women in red editathon guide how to become an information activist
Women's Music in the Herring Industry Learn more about Meg Hyland's research into the role of music and dance in the lives of herring gutters and packers in the British and Irish fishing industries.
Work in Progress Seminar | WiP Seminar for Philosophy PhD Students at University of Edinburgh
Working & Learning at the University of Edinburgh - Student Ambassador, Geologist, Red Lichtie The blog covers my life at the University of Edinburgh as a geology student, Student Ambassador and as a resident presiding in the Athens of the North. If you want to learn about the amazing geology of Scotland or explore the Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde nature of the city, this is the space to chart! I cover poetry, geology seminars, field trips, university life, tourism in Edinburgh and everything Scottish.
Working in a Technology Enhanced Learning Environment Supporting teaching and technology within physical and virtual spaces.
worldscience world science
Writing Prizes The University of Edinburgh's three creative writing prizes, open for 2024 submissions
Xiaotong Wu / Contemporary Art & Open Learning (2022-2023)[SEM1]
Xiaotong Wu / Themes in Contemporary Art (2022-2023)[SEM1]
Xin Li / TPG Studio (2021-2022)[SEM1]
Xinran Dai / Global Health Challenges: An Introduction (2022-2023)[SEM1]
Xinyi Zhu / Issues and Concepts in Digital Society (2021-2022)[SEM1]
Xuanjing Wang / Drawn From the City (2021-2022)[SEM1]
Yan Li / Global Health Challenges: An Introduction (2022-2023)[SEM1]
YARNS Transitions Research Project Blog Developing a nurse-led intervention to support young adults impacted by brain injury
Yechen Wu / Interior Design 4B: Design Studio (2022-2023)[YR]
YECHEN WU / Lighting Design for Spaces (2021-2022)[SEM2]
Yijue Zhong / Interior Design 4B: Design Studio (2023-2024)[YR]
Yinan Lu / Curating (2022-2023)[SEM2]
Yinan Lu / Themes in Contemporary Art (2022-2023)[SEM1]
Ying Lian / Environmental Design: Materials, Ecologies, Futures (2020-2021)[SEM1]
Yiting Wang / Global Health Challenges: An Introduction (2022-2023)[SEM1]
Yixuan Zhang / Design Studio (Illustration) (2022-2023)[SEM2]
Yu Bi / Anthropology of Sex and Reproduction (2020-2021)[SEM2]
Yuchen Fan / Jewellery & Silversmithing 1A: Materials and the Body (2020-2021)[SEM1]
Yuchen Fan / Product Design 1A: Fundamentals (2020-2021)[SEM1]
Yue Zhu / Interior Design 4A: Design Research and Practice (2022-2023)[YR]
Yue Zhu / Interior Design 4B: Design Studio (2022-2023)[YR]
Yue Zhu / Lighting Design for Spaces (2021-2022)[SEM2]
Yuliia Antonenko: Introduction to a Film Set
Yuna Yang / Environmental Design: Materials, Ecologies, Futures (2023-2024)[SEM1]
Yunjie Ma / Global Health Challenges: An Introduction (2021-2022)[SEM1]
Yuqian Li / Lighting Design for Spaces (2022-2023)[SEM2]
Yutong Wang / Issues and Concepts in Digital Society (2021-2022)[SEM1]
Zack Situ's Personal Blog
Zainab Abbas / Knowledge Integration and Project Planning: Education Futures (2023-24)
Zekun Yang / Curating (2022-2023)[SEM2]
Zekun Yang / Themes in Contemporary Art (2022-2023)[SEM1]
Zequn Wang / Design Studio (Illustration) (2022-2023)[SEM2]
Zijin Zhang / Global Health Challenges: An Introduction (2022-2023)[SEM1]
Ziyi Chen / Curating (2023-2024)[SEM2]
Zuki Zhou / TPG Sites (2020-2021)[SEM1]
[placeholder] Denny's thoughts
| TOTALLY-ILL | Blog of MA Illustration Edinburgh College of Art

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