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Open Toolkits

Open Toolkits

OERs composed by MA Contemporary Art Theory Students

Open Learning BarCamp ’23 29th November (J05) and 11th December (J05) 2023 Edinburgh College of Art, The University of Edinburgh   A BarCamp is a stucture for presenting and playtesting a UX; in this case, an Open Toolkit. BarCamp ’23 runs prior to the open publication of this year’s Open Toolkits. Below is a mod […]

Open Toolkits are free, open resources created by artists and arts organisations for the purpose of sharing their practices   2023’s cohort of MA Contemporary Art Theory students have each created an Open Toolkit to share with you. Each Toolkit enables an open way of inhabiting a practice by taking part in it. This year’s […]

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Spend 20 minutes reflecting on multiculturalism, through the lens of contemporary art, and becoming a theorist on a multicultural question.

Creatively Developing Black-and-white film   Aim&Background:As digital cameras and mobile phone photography rise in popularity, film cameras have gradually faded from the public’s view. Unlike digital cameras, which allow for immediate shooting, viewing, and deleting, the process of using film cameras—from the shutter click to development—is shrouded in mystery, as no one knows what the […]

Weave Your Exclusive Memory  

Own a set of pixel collection and suffer the crypto revolution! Part 1  Brief introduction (2 min)  Part 2  Practice (13 min)   Part 3  Conclusion (5 min)   PART 1: BRIEF INTRODUCTION There is a rumor that the Mona Lisa in the Louvre has been replaced with fakes several times throughout history. Is there any chance […]

Perhaps “invisible” is the norm in this world ——In the unseen, create your artistic masterpiece “In this workshop, we will paint in the darkness, using simple red paint to create spontaneous works of art! This creative process aims to deepen our understanding of the lives of visually impaired individuals, offering them greater care and consideration” […]

 Comprehensive material practice of watercolor   Every art material medium has its own specific texture and language. Isn’t it an unknown and exciting adventure to choose one or more materials to explore, try, and create? I have been painting watercolors for too long. It’s time to look at other materials of the “water-based family”. Maybe […]

Introduction The journey of artistic creation flows from inspiration, where artists draw upon their emotions, ideas, or external influences, to conceptualization, shaping these inspirations into a coherent idea with a clear message or emotion. This is followed by the planning stage, deciding on the medium, style, and techniques. The creation phase is where these plans […]

Event profile This BarCamp is designed to allow students to experience the whole process of social media content creation and improve their creative thinking and teamwork skills. In this fast-paced 20-minute event, students will be divided into teams of two, each responsible for the creation of social media posts on different topics, including copywriting and […]

Introduction: This open toolkit differs from traditional interview formats, such as specific topics, complete with outlines. This open toolkit aims to improve problems such as the fact that the interviewee may not be candid enough during the interview even if he/she is not lying. We will conduct the entire process online plus offline anonymously. Frame: […]

Social Soul - Lauren Mccarthy

To begin with, please divide into small groups of 2-3 people. Step 1 Each member within the group, please select 1-2 contemporary artworks related to digital identity from below and take a few notes here. You have 4 minutes for this activity. 1. “Selfie Harm” by Rankin: This is a series of photos created by […]

♥ MY DAYS ♡ – Create your Collage Art (Scrapbooks) – Cookie Chen   ln this workshop we will find all kinds of beauty in everyday life. We will make a small handmade booklet using simple materials to explore the theme – ‘My Days.’ ♢ About Cookie’s Workshop  “I hope you can be good at finding […]

  In this day and age, everyone has a lot of cluttered photos in their phone albums. You might snap a photo and then forget it in the album, taking up storage space on your phone. These pictures are side slices of life. Why not make a zine of these photos to tell your story? This Toolkit […]

The Image of the City for World Intervention What creation shall you conjure? Ta-da! Just give that button a cheeky little click and voila! Create an explanatory video for you Embark on a six-fold odyssey with the Global Hacking Plan Level One– FINDING A SPECTACLE(1MIN) Two ways:1) Go out and take a picture. 2) Find […]

What is a “Label in Exhibition”?  🏷 (3 minutes)   When we are in an exhibition, what are we viewing? Artworks Theme of Exhibition Artist’s Life …… The label is what could carry these contents.   So, what are the basic elements of an exhibition label? After reading a label introducing a label, let’s come to […]

Introduction:     In our daily lives, people often take photos of things they like or that touch their emotions, but at the same time, some things are not captured in photos. My Open Toolkit encourages learners to look back at previously taken photographs to remember the things that were not captured in the photographs […]

Welcome to “Light of Imagination”! Embark on a marvelous digital art adventure, traversing through the artistic universe of Baldessari and experiencing the unique charm of his dot portraits. To kick things off, we’ll delve into the essence of pointillism from the 1980s, starting with the classic works where the artist becomes the “dotter.” Observe, record, […]

Most of the time, it seems that we are far from death or unwilling to talk about it, yet death is a “required course” in everyone’s life. No one, however, teaches us about this “course.” At some point in the future, we will inevitably encounter it, we cannot avoid it. Perhaps the best way to […]

I Meme Welcome to I Meme, your passport to the vibrant world of internet humor! In this interactive journey, we’ll explore the art of collecting, creating, understanding, and using memes—those bite-sized nuggets of cultural commentary that have become integral to our online interactions, and the process of engaging with them points to possible ways of […]

“Embrace & Release: The Consent” encourages individuals to list what they wish to set as personal boundaries, empowering them to assertively define their limits. The aim of this toolkit is to educate learners about the concept of consent, and to empower individuals to set clear and healthy boundaries in personal and social interactions. Content: Embrace: […]


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