27 – 2000

Scott Drake
Anatomy and Anthropomorphism: Architecture and the Origin of Science [pdf]
Mohamed E.M. Eid
A Review of ‘Project Management’ and ‘Sustainable development’ for Construction Projects [pdf]
Clive B. Fenton
Metaphysical Architecture [pdf]
Christina Flototto
Building the new, Hygienic, healthy Man in Modern Architecture: Friedrich Wolf and the ‘Neues Bauen’ [pdf]
Vasiliki Kynourgiopoulou
Authenticity: Reality versus Imaginative Reconstruction. Self-promotion as a criterion for identity and place [pdf]
Christine Landorf
The Importance of Cultural Dialogue. Using oral history to inform the design process [pdf]
Jonathan Noble
The Architectural Typology of Antoine Chrysostome Quatremere de Quincy (1755-1849) [pdf]
Current and Completed Postgraduate Research [pdf]