16 – 1989

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Editorial Comment
Helen Tatla
The Modern Concept of the Autonomy of Art: A Study of the Secular Origin of Modern Aesthetics
Bor-Shuenn Chiou
Some Problems of Native Chinese Architectural Scholarship
Aly Gabr
About Man & Humanity: Ideas Have Consequences
Mostafa Gabr
Conceptual Background for Open Space Patterns in the Traditional Environment: Egypt
Terrence M. Russell
Great Scottish Architects of the Past. A Critical Survey of the Quarterly of the Incorporation of Architects in Scotland: Part I – the years 1922-1927
P.A. Aspinall
On Learning and Assessment
Aart Bijl
Relations, Functions & Constraints without Prescriptions
Stavros Vergopoulos
Designing and Computers: An Architectural point of View
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