22 – 1995

The Editors
Styliane Philippou
Professor C.B. Wilson: A Tribute
Volker M. Welter
Patrick Geddes and the City as Organic unity
Evangelia Athanassiou
City and Nature: Reciprocity, not Contradiction
Samuel Kim
New Towns and their Houses: Comparing Korean and British Developments
Terrence M. Russell
Architecture and the Lexicographers. Three Studies in Eighteenth-Century Publication. Part III: Samuel Johnson and A Dictionary of the English Language
Andrew J. Lowe
Battersea Power Station and the Introduction of Modernism in Britain
Tajuddin Mohammad Rasdi
The Uses of Religious Sources in the Interpretation of Mosque Architecture
Gao Yun
Symbolism in the Construction of the Dai Traditional House
John MacArthur
Easy Houses in the Lifestyle City
Styliane Philippou
The Common Dimension in Architecture and Poetry
Current Postgraduate Research Abstracts
Completed Research Abstracts
The Year in EAR