20 – 1993

The Editors
C.B. Wilson, Aart Bijl, John Lee and John Byrom
Special Editorial
Jamie Bateman
The Victorian Tenement in Edinburgh: A Study of Plan Forms
Jonatan Gotelee
The Liverpool Cathedrals of Sir Edwin Lutyens and Sir Giles Gilbert Scott: Further Thoughts on their Form and Place in History
T.M. Russell
Architecture and lexicographers. Three Studies in Eighteenth-Century Publication: Part I: John Harris and the Lexicon Technicum
Gavin Cook
Shores of the New World: The Boulevards des Italiens/Montmartre, Paris c-1815-1870
Basil Constantatos
The Concept of the Square – An Historical Perspective
Robert Tavernor
The Natural House of God and Man: Alberti and Mantegna in Mantua
Styliane Philippou
The Architecture of Dimitris Pikionis
C.B. Wilson
The Aesthetics of the Good Life
Aly Gabr
The Traditional Process of the Production of Medieval Muslim Art and Architecture: with Special reference to the Mamluk Period
Hisham Mortada
Islam and Modernisation: Principles vs. Materials
Tajuddin Rasdi
The Implications of the Meanings of Prayer on the Present Theory of Mosque Architecture
Irene Neilson and John Lee
Architectural Design Education and CAD
Current Postgraduate Research Abstracts
Completed Research Abstracts