9 – 1982

Lauren-Brook Sickels
The Lime of Dalkeith Place in 1701-1710
C.B. Wilson
Airflow Around Buildings
Terry Hanson and David Summers
Modelling the Wind Environment of Buildings
James H. Nash
BADGER: Building Appraisal and Design with Graphic Evaluation Routines
Peter S.G.Swinton and Brian M.Evans
Research Meets Practice: the Development of the “GROUSE” System for Landscape Architects
Ian Appleton
The Provision of Leisure Facilities in Edinburgh: The Political Arguments
Jeong-Keun Lee
Structure and Process in Socio-Spatial Dialectic
Patrick E.Sekyi
British National Parks: Conflicts, Compromises and Solutions in Primary Land Uses
Current Postgraduate Research Abstracts
Completed Research Abstracts