23 – 1996

The Editors
Terrence M. Russell
Architecture and the Lexicographers: Encyclopaedia Britannica
David A. Vila Domini
The Diminution of the Column in Alberti and Vitruvius: Concerning Optical Corrections
Yun Gao
On the development of the houses of the Dai Villagers and Aristocrats
Styliane Philippou
Dwelling in Human Fashion: The Architectural Creative Process as a Recollection Process
P.G. Raman
The Relevance of the Garden City Concept to the Tropics
Evangelia Athanassiou
Two Complementary Approaches to Sustainability
Roger Talbot
Partnerships for Action on the Environment: The Edinburgh Experience
Hoon Park
The Use of Paper as a Digital medium
Richard Coyne
Deconstructing the Curriculum: Radical Hermeneutics and Professional Education
Current Postgraduate Research Abstracts
Completed Research Abstracts
The Year in EAR