18 – 1991

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Editorial Comment
Chie-Peng Chen
A Discussion of T’ing, Fang and Tsao-Chiao
Aly Gabr
The Ka’ba: The ‘Centre’ in Islam
Andrew Gilmour
Challenges Facing Architectural Education
Deborah Howard
Rome and Venetian Art and Architecture 1523-1527
Hisham A.S. Jomah
Architects, Clients and their Relationship
R.F. Pedreschi and B.P. Sinha
Prestressed Masonry – A Review
Styliane Philippou
The Common Dimension in Architecture and Poetry
Luis Pineda
On Computational Models of Drafting and Design
T.M. Russell
The Publication History of the Encyclopedie of Diderot and D’Alembert
Roger Talbot
Threats to a Sustainable Future: Frameworks for an Essential Architectural Response
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