29 – 2004

Terence M. Russel
The Napoleonic Survey of Egypt: The Vision and the Achievement [pdf]
Helena Murteira
City-making in the Enlightenment: The Rebuilding of Lisbon after the Earthquake of 1755 [pdf]
Holly E.B. Kinnear
Family & Friends: The Motives for Migration. Scottish Architects in Canada 1880-1914 [pdf]
Iain Boyd Whyte
B2(E) Symposium: ‘Eternalness and Transience’ [pdf]
Thorsten Hanke
The Stable of Halkerston Lodge and Moray House: Roof Architecture of the 1630s around Edinburgh [pdf]
Gabri van Tussenbroek
Architecture on the Way: Dutch Influences in 17th Century Brandenburg [pdf]
Alfred Hagemann
The Impact of British Culture on the Development of Prussian Neo-classicism [pdf]
Ming-Kang Liang
Cyclic and Progressive: Le Corbusier’s Dualistic View of History [pdf]
Daniela Spiegel
Relicts of the Fascist Regime on Italian Buildings, Or Who Is Afraid of the Fascio Littorio? [pdf]
Roman Hillmann
Anti-modernism and Architectural Rhetoric: The Case of Prince Charles [pdf]
Vasiliki Kynourgiopoulou
Reflections of Identity in the City: Belonging and Nationhood in Nineteenth Century Athens [pdf]
Keith Ballantyne
Architectural Praxis after Modernism [pdf]
Biagia Bongiorno
Conservation in Germany [pdf]
Ruxandra-Iulia Stoica
Conservation of Historic Cities (as Complex Monuments) Vs. Integrated Urban Conservation [pdf]
Dirk Dorsemagen
The Facades of Business Premises of the 1950s: Problems of Conservation Using the Example of West Berlin [pdf]
Thomas Steigenberger
Post-War Detached Houses in Berlin and their Preservation [pdf]
Aghlab Ismat Al-Attili
A Phenomenological Study into Perception of ‘the Real’ & ‘the Virtual’ in Computer-mediated Interactive Environments [pdf]
Postgraduate Seminar & Reading Series, 2002-2003: 4 C’s: Cross Cultural Collisions in Cities [pdf]