17 – 1990

The Editors
Editorial Comment
Chao-Ching Fu
Critical Regionalism in Architecture: A Review of its Development
Aly Gabr
Expressive Intent in Traditional Architecture
Ahmed A.M. Khalil
Islamic Legal System
Ewan Klein and Luis A.Pineda
Semantics and Graphical Information
T.M. Russell
Great Scottish Architects of the Past. A Critical Survey of the Quarterly of the Incorporation of Architects in Scotland. Part II – the years 1928-1934/35
Sally Schafer
Architecture, Painting and Ceremonial Experience: The Ceremonial Staircases of Picacenza (1680-1750)
Ross E. Sweetland
The Medieval Church of Restalrig and the Cult of Saint Triduana
Chris Tweed
Thermal Interactions in Single Spaces
C.B. Wilson
On Modernist Reactions to Traditionalist Interpretations of the Art and Architecture of Traditional Societies – Part I
Izmawi Bin Haji Zen
An Urban Landscape Assessment Model for Urban Planning Systems in Malaysia
Current Postgraduate Research Abstracts
Completed Research Abstracts