14 – 1987

The Editors
Editorial Comment
P.A. Aspinall and P.I. Newman
Exploring Subjectivity
Chao-Ching Fu
Problems of Modern Architecture in Taiwan – A Study in Terms of Social Change
Fahad An-Nwisser Al-Harigi
The Mosque and its Relationship with its Surrounding Physical Environment
John Byrom
Sigiriya: The SW Outer Compartment of Watergarden No1-Notes towards a suggested reconstruction
Roger Talbot
All our Tomorrows
Terrence M. Russell
The Built Environment: A Subject Index 1800-1960
Choon Sup Yoon
The Attitude of Architects Towards Design Information
Aart Bijl
Human Knowledge: AI & CAD
Peter Szalapaj
A Transformational Grammar for Line Drawings
Current Postgraduate Research Abstracts
Completed Research Abstracts