4 – 1977

The Editors
Patricia Cusak
The Evolutionary Metaphor: Notes on an Aspect of Architectural Writing around 1900
Jocelyn M.Cunliffe
Some Observations on an Early Nineteenth-Century Architectural Practice in Edinburgh
A.B.Awadalla, T. Kotsiopoulos and T. Maravelias
Description and Descriptive theories in Architecture
Aart Bijl
The Concept of System in CAD
David Stone
CAAD Systems and Building Models
Demetrios Dolgyras
Notes on Meditation in Traditional and Modern Architecture
Takaaki Hashida
Some Symbolic Origins of Space and Form in Japanese Architecture
Leo R.Zrudlo
An Experiment in User Participation in the Design of Arctic Housing: a Research Project and its Practical Implications
Use of Fabrics and Meshes in Pavements and Earthworks
Terrence M. Russell
The Lighting of Workplaces
Roger D.Talbot
Design Criteria and the Lighting of Working Environments
Geoff Pitts and Marie Ryan
An Interaction Matrix and Checklist for Energy Conservation in New Building
Current Postgraduate Research Abstracts
Completed Research Abstracts