5 – 1978

The Editors
Patricia Cusak
Early Ferro-Concrete Architecture in Britain: Some Contextual Notes
Peter Savage
The Unspeakable Nature of Architecture and some of the Ensuing Difficulties of Communication
Ian Appleton
Notes on the Architecture of Four Persuasions
Roger D.Talbot
Some Thoughts on the Role of Building Appraisals in Education and Design
Terrence M.Russel
Design for the Disabled: A Note on the Contribution made by the Information and Advisory Services in Scotland
Tassos Kotsiopoulos
Barriers and Participation: Notes on the Ideological background of Participatory Architectural Practice and on the Value of a Barrier-Logic for the Description of the Built Environment
Theodore Maravelias
A Semiological Approach to the Climatic Design of the Built Environment
David Stone, David Rosenthal and Aart Bijl
Integrated Systems in Building Designs
Richard Wagner
Economic and Social Factors Affecting Physical Changing in Existing Building Stock: A case study
Ahmed B.Awadalla
Some Structural Aspects of and Architectural Prototype
Mohamed Y.Numan
An Outline of a Mathematical Model for the Evaluation of the Interrelationships between Urban Forms and Solar Radiation in the Tropical Arid Regions
Current Postgraduate Research Abstracts
Completed Research Abstracts