15 – 1988

The Editors
Editorial Comment
P.A. Aspinall and P.I. Newman
A Personal Construct Approach to Design Issues
Helen Tatla
The coming into Being of the World of Art – The Classical View
C.B. Wilson
‘Not Exactly Cold-More Architectural’: On Architecture, Technology and Rhetoric
Vassilios Ganiatsas
Interpreting New Architecture in Old Settings: The Ontological Hermeneutics of H.G. Gadamer
Roger D. Talbot
Energy Management Perspectives in Housing
Terrence M. Russell
The Encyclopedie of Diderot and D’Alembert
Ted Ruddock
Theory, Knowledge and Building Performance
Chris Tweed and Aart Bijl
MOLE: A Reasonable Logic for Design
Current Postgraduate Research Abstracts
Completed Research Abstracts