34/35 – 2016

Architectural Education – Educational Architecture: Part 1

Contents [pdf]
Reyhaneh Mozaffar & Meshack Efeoma
Editorial [pdf]
Robert Holden
UK Landscape Architecture Education: A Terminal Case? [pdf]
Simeon Shtebunaev
Critical Analysis of the Student, Tutor and Client Perspectives in Live Project Practices: A Look at the Sheffield Live Project Model [pdf]
Ivo Vrouwe & Laurens Luyten
Sensemaking in Construction; Comparing Learning Situations [pdf]
Peter Lundsgaard Hansen, Torben Dam, Virginie Le Goffic & Ellen Braae
The Campfire Design Studio: Design Conversations in Landscape Architecture Education [pdf]
Yamen Edlby
Improving Creative ability as the Main Focus to Promote Education in Architectural Design: University of Damascus as a Case Study [pdf]
Thaleia Deniozou
mGBL in Architecture:
 Using Mobile Games to Support the Training of Architects in HE [pdf]
Muhammed Ali Örnek & Ebru Özer
Classifying and Evaluating Computer Games to Explore their Potential Use in Landscape Architecture Education [pdf]




Architectural Education – Educational Architecture: Part 2

Meshack Efeoma & Reyhaneh Mozaffar
Warebi Gabriel Brisibe
Formal Education In Non-Formal Environments: A Study Of Vernacular Educational Architecture For Children Of Migrant Fishermen In Bayelsa State, Nigeria
Guiomar Martín Domínguez
Dreaming the Beauty of the Unusual: between Reggio Emilia’s Pedagogy and Architecture
Anna Papadopoulou
Architecture in a Landscaped Education
Alexandru Mexi  & Diana Lavinia Culescu
A long-term strategy for both Romania and worldwide: Education as a means of improving a city’s image and its public life
Anna Eplényi & Anna Szilágyi-Nagy
Up The Garden Path! Landscape and Garden Awareness In Children Education
Sonja Weber
Inventions and Interventions: Artistic methods for analysing urban environments in the academic education of landscape architects
Reyhaneh Mozaffar & Shahab Zeyniaslani
A School’s Landscape as an Educational Space for Children to Learn about their Cultural and Natural Heritage