21 – 1994

The Editors
Terrence M. Russell
Architecture and the Lexicographers. Three Studies in Eighteenth-Century Publication: Part II: Ephraim Chambers and the Cyclopaedia
Yinong Xu
The City as Sacred Cosmos. Symbolism in the Construction of Wu and Yue Capitals
Tajuddin Mohammad Rasdin
The Meaning of Iktikaf in Islam and its Implications on Mosque Design
Clarence Epstein
Development of Sulpician, Jesuit and Recollet Churches in the City of Montreal during the French Regime
Ross E. Sweetland
Medieval Perspective on Beauty Expressed in Bothweel Church
Jason Cornish
The Perspective of the ‘Ideal City’ Painting
Volker M. Welter
The Republic of Patrick Geddes
Sebastian M. Greenall
Narrative (Non) Space and the (Human) Body
Hiroki Aso
Dead Tech: The Aesthetics of Shin Takamatsu
Iain Boyd Whyte, Fiona and Ewen MacLachlan
The Sign of the Future – Graz – 1993
Roger Talbot
The Challenge of Sustainability: Directions for Practice and Research in Architecture
Ahmad Al-Gilani
Ecocentrism versus Technocentrism. Reviewing the Ideological Struggle in the Environmental Theory
Current Postgraduate Research Abstracts
Completed Research Abstracts
The Year in EAR