31 – 2008

Ella Chmielewska
Writing on the Ruins or graffiti as a design gesture: On the paradoxes of lettering place and history.[pdf]
Inderbir Singh Riar
Irrational Exubrance. [pdf]
Aktan Acar
A Developmental Perspective For Architectural Design Education. [pdf]
Harriet Atkinson
A “New Picturesque”? The Aesthetics of British Reconstruction after World War Two. [pdf]
Keith Ballantyne
Strategies for the creation of meaningful architecture: The hinge between practice and academia. [pdf]
Emma Dummett
Order in nature: Le Corbusier’s early work and his city plans of the 1920s. [pdf]
Liam Ross
What is that thing on your Waterfront? Or How the Simpsons can help us enjoy the recent work of Frank Gehry. [pdf]
Nicky Imrie
Holistic Therapy and Overall Design in Two Sanatoria for Nervous Ailments in the Austro-Hungarian Empire, 1900-1910. [pdf]
S. Yayha Islami
Surfacing: Significance and Surface-play in Architecture. [pdf]
H. Steiner
Kierkegaard’s Copenhagen and the Problem of Institutional Order. [pdf]
Firuzan Melike Sumertas
Women and Power: Female Patrons of Architecture in 16th and 17th Century Istanbul. [pdf]