Felines in Edinburgh

The Felines’ occupation of Edinburgh ~ see dropdown menu for locations

Felines occupy Edinburgh City, Scotland. Most Felines are territorial, meaning they defend their land by tooth and claw…and gun and sword.

The Knights of Cartier own the most significant and prestigious lots of land in Edinburgh: Edinburgh Castle, the Edinburgh University Divinity School (which they had a hand (or paw) in founding), and the Mound (including the museum on the Mound, which they have little interest in other than for using it as a watchtower over the National Galleries, which is an arena of violence). They have controlled this land for centuries and are fairly dug in. Being the most desired land in Edinburgh, they are constantly on guard, vigilantly surveying and patrolling their land.

Market Street and the Fruitmarket Gallery. Felines are obsessed with beauty, and therefore art. Fighting is therefore constant at Edinburgh’s most blue-chippy gallery: “The Fruitmarket Gallery”. The violence is so intense that the Gallery has been shit (sp. shut) for nearly two years. The houses of Versace and Prada are the main competitors for this region, and Prada (Stella) currently controls the main building, although its is non-functioning at the moment. Gucci group is also interested in this area, biding their time.

Moving East on Market Street you eventually run under the bridge and into Stone Island territory. Stone Island Felines are lonesome and hostile, but not necessarily aggressive. They are easily provoked into violence, but don’t necessarily seek it out. Their most significant, almost holy, land holding is that of Jacob’s ladder, the steep pathway leading up to Calton Hill. It being a holy site for them, only those Felines with permission from a Stone Island Feline are allowed up this path.

The National Gallery of Scotland is a no-mans-land of sorts, much like the Royal Mile. Although it is technically a De-Militarised Zone it often erupts in violence. Ernie Currently occupies the National Gallery, after being battered and bruised in getting there.