Xharro is Lutz’s personal guard. Drinks blood of other Felines to power his cyborg enhancements. HUD/targeting glass eye cover, ankle jet packs. Completely uninterested and unsympathetic towards humans- will kill or assault indiscriminately on order. Rarely travels to earth, and only does so when on a mission for and/or with Lutz. Custom Marrimekko Tunic. Necklace with a small silver bell on it: he likes his opponents to know when he is coming so (if they are attentive) it will be more of a fair fight. Plays solitaire as a form of prayer and does so often. Communication relay on the right side of his face: constantly monitoring Lutz’s position remotely, as Lutz likes to be alone most of the time. Defeated Versace Cat in St. Marks Plaza in Venice (blinding Versace cat in his right eye). Unknown outcome of second fight between the two in the rice plains of Olympus.

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