Watanabe… “Abe”

Song: Pop Smoke- “Shake the Room”

Only guard of Rei (Comme des Garcons ambassador) and is usually in her proximity. Fiercely loyal, as most elite guards are (such as Xharro to Lutz). 3 Swords: 2 long 1 short. Hamburger pistol from WWII Japan on chest (with improved spring mechanism and decreased magazine capacity…smoother firing and less likely to jam than the original Nambu). Loves Ramen- especially sardine Ramen from Tokyo. Belongs to the house of Comme des Garcons. Operates as guard as well as messenger and often proxy ambassador, as Rei rarely leaves the CdG compound. Georgio Armani cashmere turtleneck, Commes does Garçons Haori and Sode. All three blades by Hattori Hanzo. Facial scars incurred (mostly) during fight with Xharro, when he was sent with a letter of recruitment for Lutz. A brilliant fight which ended in mutual respect and a temporary truce between Judge Lutz and the House of Comme des Garçons.

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