The Last Lord of Burberry

Kam: The Last Lord of Burberry. There was a time, about 100 years ago, when the house of Burberry and the High Court of Chanel were equivalent in their power. But there was a false truce and a betrayal, and the House of Burberry was imprisoned in the dungeons of the High Court of Chanel. Kam is the only escapee, and is highly disturbed from his time in the dungeon. He does not know if he is truly free, or whether this is merely a ploy of The High Court of Chanel. He must wear sunglasses at all times when he is outside, as the torture he went through in the dungeon would cause his eyes to melt if they came in contact with UV rays. Heavy abdominal scarring caused by other torture methods from the dungeon. Smokes copious amounts of marijuana o stave off his loneliness. But deep inside of him is a blind rage, boiling beyond thought or intention. Outwardly shy and passive, a part of him lies in wait, to strike back against the High Court of Chanel for his imprisoned, murdered, and entropized clan.

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