Feline Physiology and Matter

Feline Physiology

Felines have the same anatomy as humans for the most part in terms of bone and internal organ structure. The principal difference is that Felines have a pink substance that runs in their blood called “Matter”. This gives the Feline many supernatural abilities: immortality, strength, and the ability to use magic. Felines can be killed, but eventually their bodies and minds will regenerate. Truly eliminating a Feline from existence is called entropization. Matter also creates a force around the Felines: they have no fingers but this force allows them to pull triggers or hold objects or type on a computer. When a Feline is entropized its matter does not reform. The Matter molecules are extremely heavy so they migrate to the lowest point in Olympus (they are not compatible with Earth’s atmosphere), which is The Deep. In The Deep they gather into what the Felines think of as “The Furies” and create leviathans that reside in the depths of The Deep and create the ever-worsening storms on Olympus. These spirit leviathans have never been seen in the current age (Mabel did catch a glimpse of one, once, when his mentor was pulled under). This matter can be reclaimed when a birthing occurs at Judge’s Seat during a communion of the judges.

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