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We were given three case studies of students who were disengaging from an online course for different reasons, and asked for suggestions about how to respond.

The universe does not have laws, it has habits, and habits can be broken

Fortune cookie image: Chow-fun philosophy., via Footnotes on epicycles.. Licence: CC-BY-3.0

These were the three disengaging students:

  1. difficult work life balance, with a demanding job and caring responsibilities. Asked early on what the minimum was and seems to be only doing that.
  2. Busy, travels a lot for work, posts very briefly from his phone, leading to frustration from other students.

  3. very keen international student, posts frequently and is eager to interact but other students do not respond well to this.

Personally, I feel like I have been both A and C!

My fellow students / teachers had some interesting suggestions:
Ideas for re-engaging students: 1Ideas for re-engaging students: 2