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Yesterday I went to a training session on Media Hopper Create, which is like the University’s own internal version of YouTube, with some video editing features.

I learned about creating my own channels and playlists, uploading video files, making my own videos using desktop screen capture, and pulling videos from YouTube URLs.

With our own videos, we were able to edit and cut them by time, get subtitles added and edit those, add metadata and captions, upload, capture or generate thumbnails, add collaborators and control sharing and access privileges. It was a really fun and interesting training session.

Adding Interactive Features:

Thumbnail from Squirrel Video Quiz

Thumbnail from my Squirrel Video Quiz

I had a go at creating quizzes (and now sharing and embedding them!) I thought the learning potential for this would be great, encouraging students to keep focusing their attention, think critically about what they were seeing and hearing, and review what they had learned. So I made this quiz with their squirrel video, which is (ahem) very educational (I also learned to use the video analytics features, which prove what a great educational success my squirrel quiz is, as the average viewer’s score is 100%)…

My Very Educational Squirrel Video Quiz:

If you’re watching this on a phone, please turn it to landscape format as I had to embed it in an iframe, which is probably going to be too wide otherwise.

Interesting Links

Here are some interesting links about interactive media and its advantages for learning: