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You know how occasionally you get a message that just makes you feel so special and appreciated? Well I decided to have done that when I got this:

Subject: Testing for new Media Hopper Create subtitle editing functionality
Dear Colleague,

I am writing to you as you have either attended training on editing subtitles on Media Hopper Create, or have recently requested captions using the service. We will soon be launching an updated version of the automated subtitle editing interface for media content that has been added to Media Hopper Create, and are looking for people to help us test this new functionality. We have some brief testing scripts that we would be asking for help with, and are looking to have testers completing by the end of Friday the 24th of April. If you would like to help with this process, please reply to this email with ‘UAT Testing for Media Hopper Create Subtitling’ in the subject line, and I will send you further instructions and login credentials for the test instance of Media Hopper Create.

Thank for your assistance.

Best wishes,

The Media Hopper Service Team

How awesome is that? Me, a Colleague? I’ve only been back in a full-time job since September! And I can help them because I went to their training! And I LOVE testing things!