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Here are my notes on this video about Distance from the Near Future Teaching Project:

There will be more and more online education.

Online education is a great equalizer.

With artificial intelligence and you can access online resources, would you still need to go to university?

Online education is more accessible to students in rural areas who have less options.

We should be looking at how to get our degree courses available as online learning.

Radical learning at work was launched to encourage engagement from practitioners and learners across Scotland. Learning is available eg as webinars timed to fit around a working life.

It would be a shame for students if all learning was done from home and they couldn’t come to a campus to ask staff questions or meet students from other disciplines.

For some subjects, eg veterinary medicine, students have to come in for at least some of their learning to get hands on skills and knowledge.

Lecture recordings are already available.

There’s an online university where you attend a campus in a different country each year, plus you have online learning, lectures, tutorials etc

On campus learning is a way for international students to experience how things work in a different place.

A lot of students feel like they don’t have enough contact hours with teachers and tutors, but there is a minimum required amount, so they have to be here for a certain amount every week but it doesn’t feel like enough.

There will be a blurring between campus and distance learning.

The global student body is an illusion: country borders still exist.

Human beings are very social. They still want a physical space and the intimacy of being in a room with people.

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