Podcast: How Covid-19 Impacted Assessment: Academic Misconduct

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In this episode, we continue the story of how Covid-19 changed Assessment Design through an issue whose temperature has risen with the move to digital and hybrid; academic misconduct. We hear the voices of Neil Lent, a Lecturer in Learning and Teaching at the Institute for Academic Development at the University of Edinburgh and Celeste Mclaughlin, the Head of Academic Development for Digital Education at the Institute for Academic Development.

In our previous March 3 episode of the Teaching Matters Podcast, we talked to Judy Hardy and Neil Lent about how Covid-19 impacted assessment design at the University of Edinburgh. We heard how for some the move from traditional in-person exams to open-book online exams and group projects had an unexpected positive impact on students’ learning outcomes. We also heard about how this change in assessment design led to increased workloads and pressures. This episode responds to many of these concerns and offers a roadmap for student success while supporting staff.

 Workshops, Resources, & Links Mentioned in This Episode

Produced and Presented by Dr. Joe Arton, Academic Developer, Institute for Academic Development. 


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