The Power to Unite People in a Way That Little Else Does

We are sharing this Teaching Matters post to the Exchange to inspire conversations about the power of sport and exercise in a hybrid environment to support mental health, wellbeing, community, and belonging. In this post, Daniel Mutia a fourth year MasterCard Foundation Scholar studying BEng (Hons) Electronics and Electrical Engineering …

Projects, Peers, Passion, and Play: How Minecraft Transforms (Hybrid) Teaching

In this post, Richard Fitzpatrick a final year PhD student  working in the Centre for Discovery Brain Sciences as part of the University of Edinburgh-Zhejiang University partnership, explains how the popular sandbox videogame Minecraft can be used for teaching and how it can lead to sustained engagement, enthusiasm, and creativity. …

Adapting to Hybrid Teaching: The Staff and Student Experience (School of Engineering)

Staff and students from the School of Engineering share their experiences of adapting to hybrid learning.         Image Credit: Snow pattern, Zyw, Aleksander, University of Edinburgh Collections Catalogue No. 0016500 Oct 15, 2020

Diverse and Inclusive Curricula: Where, When and How?

In this post, the authors reflect on their experience of running a 60 minute online workshop on diversity and inclusion in the curriculum with a focus on translating issues of diversity and inclusion into a Science & Engineering setting… Diverse and Inclusive Curricula: Where, When and How? Aug 27, 2020