Media Production Studios Experience

In this post, Nikki Moran, Reid School of Music describes her experience of using the University’s media recording services and offers advice for a successful session… Media Production Studios Experience Details of the Media Production Studios are available via our Tools and Technical Resources page — Nov 16, 2020

A Strange Mix of Emotions

In this post and illustration, recent Edinburgh College of Art graduate Hannah Riordan reflects on her experience of learning digitally during the final months of her degree and highlights the challenges and opportunities that it raised for assessment, student engagement and well-being. A Strange Mix of Emotions Image Credit: Illustration, …

The Importance of Friendships

In this post and accompanying illustration, Melanie Grandidge a 2020 graduate in Illustration from the Edinburgh College of Art describes how a student’s social health, measured by the extent of their social support is just, if not more, important to successful digital teaching and learning as having access to the …

Critical Approaches to the Hidden Curriculum with Hybrid Learning in Music

This site created by the Reid School of Music (ECA), shares teaching and learning practice around the experiences of creating and running a Level 7 (UG) hybrid course on the Fundamentals of Music Theory and is a mixure of slides and video content.  Critical Approaches to the Hidden Curriculum with …

Design and Digital Media Response to Hybrid Teaching

Here is an overview of the emerging practice in Design and Digital Media (DDM) and Digital Media Design (DMD) to hybrid teaching at ECA. Image Credit: Edinburgh College of Art College Archives, Catalogue No. 0117488. Remix by Joe Arton Apr 29, 2020