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Photo: This is definitely how organised my family life is.

How’s everyone finding it, working from home through the apocalypse?

The Apocalypse: I expected Zombies and Anarchy. What I got was no cycling and no toilet paper.

Also a million browser tabs

One challenge I didn’t expect was a virtual avalanche of constantly updating incoming information. There has been so much to take into account in this transition from normal everyday life to a combination of lockdown, home education and simultaneous working from home.

Soon I had an impossibly unmanageable number of browser tabs open and it couldn’t go on. So here they are: a collection of useful links that I am listing here to clear the decks in my browsers.

Useful Lockdown Links

Home Education: Routine Activities

More about Home Learning

List of educational websites for kids

Free Educational Websites for Kids:
For links, visit
Nice promotional trick too

Working from Home

Connecting for Remote Working

Remote Teaching

Software for Communications and Collaborative Working

More Software Links

Technical Support

Coronavirus Updates

Health / Mental Health

Ways to Help

My Links

(Photo: Mothers Working from Home with Kids. Credit: Licence: CC BY 2.0)