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The Edinburgh Online Model

The Edinburgh Online Model provides a foundation for those new to teaching online to quickly and meaningfully engage with the key areas that are essential to creating and sustaining engaged online education.

Online courses developed and delivered by the University will:

  1. provide for visible, and visibly engaged, teachers who are experts in their fields
  2. provide capacity for regular and substantive feedback on students’ work across different media
  3. where appropriate provide flexibility for integration with an appropriate system(s) of automated tutor support integrated with human tutor intervention
  4. help students to feel like they are members of a learning community, a sense of belonging within their department, programme, and the University of Edinburgh

My job as e-Learning Systems Developer seems most relevant to principles 2, 3 and 4: developing administrative support systems for courses and tutors, supporting course delivery systems, working with different software and digital media, developing or supporting systems for providing and recording feedback, and supporting systems like the blogs, that can be used to build a sense of community within courses, departments and the University.