0.0 introduction

1.1 Sculpture Court UGSW1.2 Sculpture Court UGNW1.3 Sculpture Court LGSW1.4 Sculpture Court LGNW1.5 Sculpture Court LGEW1.6 Parthenon Slab in Studio C3

Part of frieze from Temple of Athena Nike

3.0 Metopes

4.0 Goddess Nike adjusting her sandal

5.0 Gates of Paradise

6.1 Parthenon Seated Goddesses6.2 Parthenon Reclining Goddesses6.3 Parthenon Dionysos6.4 Parthenon River God6.5 Parthenon Horses of Helios6.6 Parthenon Running Goddess6.7 Parthenon Seated Goddess6.8 Putto with a Dolphin6.9 Angel6.10 Dead Christ6.11 Bust of Apollo Belvedere6.12 Idolini6.13 Nike of Samothrace6.14 Smugglerius

7.0 Handling and Lifting

8.0 Conclusion









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