Researcher Spotlight: Alistair Bullen


Alistair is an early career researcher who is currently the Research Assistant attached to the INFO-BC (Supporting shared decision making in secondary breast cancer) project.

He graduated from the University of York’s MSc in Health Economics in 2018 having previously completed a degree in Economics from the University of East Anglia. Alistair intends to continue to further his development towards becoming a seasoned researcher in the field of Health Economics.

Current Work

The INFO-BC project is currently the only project which Alistair is attached to. INFO-BC utilises discrete choice experiments in order to elicit patient preferences for second line treatment for secondary breast cancer. Alistair’s work involves executing systematic reviews, conducting qualitative field work and analysis, binary choice models, and utility theory.

Research Interests

Alistair is currently exploring how his current research may be able to evolve further into a topic for a PHD. He intends to progress further in either the area of cancer or the field of choice experiments, or both.


Alistair has previously taught on the Health Economics module for the MSc in Clinical Trials.


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