INFO-BC: Shared decision making in secondary breast cancer

INFO-BC aims to use the economic tool of the discrete-choice experiment (DCE) to understand patient and health professional preferences for secondary breast cancer treatments. Secondary breast cancer refers to breast cancer which has spread to another part of the body and is no longer considered curable. Shared decision making requires that patients and clinicians both know enough in order to make the best choice for the patient. The clinician need needs to know about the patient and their preferences. The patient needs to understand enough about their situation and their disease. Our research can help clinicians to understand patient preferences and clinicians can provide further information about patient experiences and preferences to patients who may not have the relevant experience of treatment.

INFO-BC is a collaboration between the University of Edinburgh and the University of Aberdeen. Our team consists of Peter Hall (chief investigator), Alistair Bullen (lead researcher), Holly Ennis (project manager), Lauren Murdoch (project management support), Morag McIntyre (research nurse), Mandy Ryan (project advisor), Ewan Gray (project advisor), and Nicolas Krucien (project advisor).