MA (Hons) Economics (single and with programmes)

Health Economics: An elective module offered to Year 3 and Year 4 economics students in the School of Economics. The course offers students an introduction to the key concepts, methods and understanding of the application of economics to health and health care. The course covers a range of topics including demand and supply for health and health care, international perspectives on health system resources, health insurance and health care financing, economic evaluation methods and resource allocation in health care, health inequalities, health in the context of economic growth and development, an introduction to behavioural economics, and the economics of mental health. The module is led by Elizabeth Lemmon and co-delivered with Aileen Neilson.

Essentials of Econometrics: A core module for Year 3 economics students in the School of Economics. This module aims to ensure that all economics honours students have a sound grasp of the basic techniques of modern empirical economics and an ability to apply these techniques in a variety of contexts. The topics covered include: the linear regression model (two-variable model, multiple regression, functional forms, dummy variables); regression analysis in practice (model selection criteria and tests, multicollinearity, heteroskedasticity, autocorrelation); introduction to panel data and to time series. Elizabeth Lemmon delivers the first five lectures of this module.