The CORECT-R Scotland Data

Approval to the CORECT-R Scotland data was granted by the Public Benefit Privacy Panel for Health and Social Care in October 2018 (Project reference number: 1718-0026). Access to the first batch of the CORECT-R data was granted in June 2020. 

Currently, the CORECT-R Scotland data contains the following datasets for all patients diagnosed with colorectal cancer between 2006 and 2018: 

  • National Cancer Registry (SMR06)
  • Chemocare*
  • Quality Performance Indicators (QPI)*
  • National Records of Scotland (NRS)  Deaths  
  • General/acute inpatients and day cases (SMR01)
  • Outpatients (SMR00)
  • Mental health inpatients and day cases (SMR04)
  • Screening programme**
  • Source Social Care records**

* Available for all three cancer networks from 2013 onward.

** In process

For full details of the variables included within the datasets please see our data dictionary.