Under Our Skin: what do we mean when we talk about race?

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This interactive site from the Seattle Times features conversations that explore what we mean when we talk about race. This selections of videos and interactive media includes discussions of microaggressions and the language around race and racism.


About the Project

“Under Our Skin grew out of conversations about how we at The Seattle Times cover race at a time when national and local events — the furor over police shootings, the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement, protests on college campuses and charged campaign rhetoric — dominate headlines…

Discussions about race, inclusiveness and sensitivity clearly aren’t new. They can leave us feeling depleted and wondering whether anything has really changed. But we believe the personal reflections and stories from the people who participated in this project will inspire all of us to think and talk about these issues in a deeper way. For those who freeze up at the prospect of talking about race, we hope this project will help break the ice. For those who tend to take sides right away when the issue of race comes up, we hope Under Our Skin will challenge assumptions and build common ground” (The Under Our Skin team, The Seattle Times).

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