Assessment During A Crisis: Responding to a Global Pandemic

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Here is a survey conducted in June 2020 by the National Institute for Learning Outcomes Assessment in the United States designed to capture a snapshot of assessment-related changes made during Spring 2020 in response to the sudden shift to remote instruction and to help determine remaining professional development needs.  The final report makes the following recommendations to balance meeting students’ needs and help them continue to learn:

  • Use learning outcomes as a guide and means to design and focus educational offerings.
  • Listen to students’ voices and respond accordingly.
  • Modify assignments and assessments in ways that are flexible, use low bandwidth, and are based on the principles of equitable assessment.
  • Be aware of and address systemic inequities.
  • Engage in trauma-informed and healing-centered pedagogy and assessment.

For the full report click the link below.

Assessment During A Crisis_Responding to a Global Pandemic

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