Transforming a Business course for a hybrid world

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In this post, Dr Stephen Harwood from the Business School shares his thoughts on shifting his course into a hybrid format, reflecting on how to use appropriate technologies to facilitate the learning process and interactions with our students. He discusses how technology, if simply thrown at existing practices, risks posing a barrier to students’ learning, and explores a framework for course design to encourage effective learning. He reflects that we will have opportunities to retain aspects of hybrid course delivery in future learning experiences. Read his post here.

Stephen has been in academia since 2003, with research interests on the handling of complexity and uncertainty, particularly within the domain of sustainable development, and how technology enables this both strategically and in the everyday. He has diverse experience across multiple sectors, including tourism, oil and coal and electronics.


Read Stephen’s post: “Transforming my course for a covid world”

Read about Stephen on the Business School site.


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