Gary R Bunt (UK Team and Website data analysis)
Anna Grasso (UK Team and Website data analysis)

This collection is part of the Digital Islam Across Europe project’s archive. One of the DigitIslam project outputs focuses on website data and collection analysis. The objective is to identify, catalogue and analyse Muslim organisations’ and actors’ websites (Online Islamic Environments or OIEs) from these different countries.1

This collection consists of archived articles and reactions from online organisations and Muslim media platforms both in Sweden and in the other countries involved in the DigitIslam project with regard to the Qur’an burning incidents in Sweden in 2023.

This archive consists of an initial capture. We will be updating this list in due course. We believe this data can become a useful tool for researchers and the general public who have an interest in digital Islam across Europe as well as those who are mostly focused on the study of Muslim European and non-European responses to Islamophobia and Qur’an burning incidents in Sweden, Denmark and other countries. Moreover, the analysis of these sites will be part of a wider project output through presentations and publications. 

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Image by Fauzan My from Pixabay