Gary R Bunt (UK Team and Website data analysis)
Anna Grasso (UK Team and Website data analysis)

This archive is part of the Digital Islam Across Europe project’s collection. One of the DigitIslam project outputs focuses on website data and collection analysis. The objective is to identify, catalogue and analyse Muslim organisations’ and actors’ websites (Online Islamic Environments or OIEs) from these different countries.1

As Muslims in the UK (and other Western countries) often denounce their misrepresentation in mainstream media (see the study by the CFMM) especially following 9/11 and the other large-scale terrorist attacks in London, Madrid, Paris, etc. many organisations have chosen to set up their own platforms to provide an alternative source of information for and about Muslims.

This collection showcases media platforms set up by different Muslim religious organisations (Sunni, Shia, Ahmadiyya). These platforms cover a wide range of topics, including current events and more general subjects. Information is delivered through articles, audiovisual content (such as live streams or YouTube videos), podcasts, and apps.

We find prominent Islamic media hubs such as “Eman Channel“, “Islam Channel” as well as others. Additionally, there are news websites like “5PillarsUK” and “S2J News,” which are associated with well-known Muslim online influencers.

Eman Channel website


5PillarsUK website

The archive also includes radio stations such as “Unity FM” based in Birmingham and “Radio Dawn,” associated with the Karimia Institute in Nottingham. Additionally, the Ahmadiyya community operates the “Voice of Islam Radio,” headquartered in South London (Surrey), with branches in various cities across the UK.

Unity FM website


Radio Dawn website

The Ahmadiyya have set up various media websites (a notable example is “The Review of Religions” which we can find in the Spanish General collection). Their weekly English newspaper “Al Hakam” is also included in our archive.

Voice of Islam Radio website


Al Hakam website

The Shia communities in the UK have also established several media outlets. For example, “The Muslim Vibe,” founded in 2014, is a significant media platform targeting a younger audience. We also find “Hidayat Television,” associated with the Ahl al-Bayt, which is based in Manchester. “Fadak Channel,” a satellite channel founded by Twelver Shia Sheikh Yasser Al-Habib, is another notable platform among others.

The Muslim Vibe website

Some media platforms are tailored to specific audiences. For example, “Al Arab in UK” produces content for Arabs living in the UK, while “Takbeer TV” targets a South Asian audience. Additionally, “Now in a Minute” is focused on Welsh Muslims.

Al Arab in UK website

Some of the websites revolve around Muslims’ representation in series and films. For example, “Alchemiya” provides such content tailored for Muslim audiences, while “UK Muslim Film” offers consultancy and organises events for Muslims working in the film industry.

Alchemiya website

Additionally, consultancy services are also offered by “KC Media consultancy“, established by British journalist and convert Lauren Booth. This online training platform seeks to help Muslims engaged in the media improve their public speaking skills.

This archive consists of an initial capture. We will be updating this list in due course. We believe this data can become a useful tool for researchers and the general public who have an interest in digital Islam across Europe as well as those who are mostly focused on the study of Islam or comparative religion within the British or Western context. Moreover, the analysis of these sites will be part of a wider project output through presentations and publications.

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