We’re open!

We're open

[This project is now finished, but we will leave these posts here as a record of what we did]

We’re really excited to announce that Depression Detectives is starting today, and you can now join the group and get stuck in.

We’re looking for people who have experienced depression in the past (with or without a diagnosis) or who work or volunteer with people with depression. No research background needed! Participants will get to quiz researchers studying depression, come up with questions we want science to answer, and run a research study together with researchers.

[To take part, people read a participant information sheet and answered a few questions about themselves. We then send them the link to join a private Facebook group, which is where the project was based. Only other group members were able to see posts or who else was a member.]

We would love to have as many people involved from the beginning as possible, but new people can also join at any point during the project, so please do continue to share with anyone who might be interested.


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