What is radical citizen science and what can it do?

Before Parenting Science Gang, Sophia ran Nappy Science Gang, another radical citizen science project, which worked with over 600 parents who used reusable nappies on their children, and had questions they wanted to answer with science. They ranged from people with one science GCSE, to research scientists with PhDs in various areas.

This article by Andrew Maynard asks “Can citizen science empower disenfranchised communities?”. It talks about both Nappy Science Gang and a very different project, the Flint Water Study, which looked at lead levels in tap water in Flint, Michigan. Although these projects studied very different things, they shared an idea: partnering members of a community with experts to study the questions they want answered.

Andrew Maynard – Can Citizen Science Empower Disenfranchised Communities?

Depression Detectives will do the same kind of work with people who have either experienced depression in the past, or worked with people who have. If you think you might like to get involved, please join our mailing list here and we’ll let you know when the project launches and we’re signing people up.


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