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Today we’ve got something for your ears! As part of Sophia’s previous citizen science project Parenting Science Gang, the team produced a series of three podcasts – they looked at why the project got started, the results it produced and the experiences people had participating. Today we’d like to share the second in the series, which was recorded at the Results Fair. Hannah Bestwick chatted to some of the parents and researchers who took part, about what they chose to study and the new and interesting things they found out.

PSG Podcast #2: Final Event Results Fair

You can find the other two episodes here, or under ‘Parenting Science Gang’ on your podcast app.

If you like what you hear, and think you would like to participate in a similar project looking at depression research, please join our mailing list here. We’ll be signing people up very soon, and are looking for anyone who’s experienced depression in the past, or has worked or volunteered with people  with depression.


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