On June 13-14th 2023, we hosted a hybrid conference, dedicated to exploring and sharing scholarship and work relating to suicide and culture.

The topics of suicide and culture are complex and under-examined. However, it is increasingly recognised that better understanding of cultural contexts and factors relating to suicide, and responses to suicide, are vital. The Suicide Cultures research project is exploring suicide as a cultural practice across areas of Scotland, using a range of methods – from interviews, documentary analysis, ethnography – to arts-based approaches.

This conference brought together a diverse group of people who are working on or thinking about suicide as a cultural issue. We were excited to host the conference online as well as in-person, which was enabling people from across the world to take part.

The full programme can be seen here: Suicide Cultures Conference Programme .


Click on the links below to access recordings from Suicide Cultures Conference 2023

Prateeti Chowdhury-‘Suicide-scapes’ in American Young Adult (YA) Novels on Mental Illness’

Dr. Ashwini N.V -‘Antecedents and Motives for Self-Incineration among Women in India’

Anagha Pavithran and Niranjana Regimon-‘Representation of Dalits and Tribal Communities in Psychological Autopsy in India: A Systematic Scoping Review’

Kelly Stewart -‘What, suicide runs in families?’

Professor Katherine Boydell-‘Understanding Protective Factors for Men at Risk of Suicide using the CHIME Framework: The Primacy of Relational Connectedness.’

marcela polanco- ‘Deprivatizing suicide: Worlding pluriversal worlds of life and death.’

Rebecca Helman, Joe Anderson and Sarah Huque- ‘Reflections on Reimagining Suicide Research’