Welcome to the Suicide Cultures podcast where researchers Joe Anderson, Rebecca Helman and Sarah Huque open up a space to talk about suicide in diverse ways. In each episode Joe, Rebecca and Sarah will be talking to a special guest with a link to or expertise in suicide, as well as drawing on their own experiences of researching this issue in a range of different communities across Scotland.

While it may be difficult to talk about suicide in everyday life, this podcast aims to make it easier to think about and discuss in everyday life so that we can include suicidal thought and behaviour within our definition of what it means to be human, rather than viewing it as a departure from what it means to be “normal”.

Episode 1 – Emily Yue and the issue of migrant suicide

Episode 2 – ‘Slow Violence’, Suicide, and the Robb Elementary School Mass Shooting

Episode 3 – Saartje Tack and the ‘where’ from which suicide is read 

Episode 4 – Amy Chandler and reimagining suicide research