Hybrid teaching: recreating a physics lab at home

Third year Physics student Annabelle, explains what hybrid teaching meant to her, how she managed to carry on lab work from home, and the support she received for her online exam

When I came back to University for my third year in September, I didn’t really know what to expect, I don’t think anybody did. Once term had started, there were some big changes to what the norm had previously been. For one, all of my lectures were now online: there was a mix of pre-recorded videos and live lectures. The benefit of this was that there was no longer a commute in the morning so an extra hour in bed! Also, the recorded nature of them allowed me to be flexible and plan around any exercise or activities I wanted to do. Next was tutorials. For the first few weeks of term they were online, but I was then able to have in person tutorials. This was really valuable, and it also gave me a chance to see my fellow classmates. I found it challenging not being able to socialise with my cohort as much as usual, so I really appreciated my involvement in extracurricular activities to provide that social aspect to my week.

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