Student experience – from experiments to transferrable skills

Marina wall climbing

Marina is from Spain, and has just completed an MPhys Physics degree. In this post she reflects on her reasons for applying to study here, the academic and transferrable skills she has gained, and her future plans…

Influencing factors

When I applied to study in Edinburgh, I had never been to Scotland before. I had however done a lot of research to figure out what the best university was for me, and Edinburgh came up as my top choice.

Learning about the collaborations that the School of Physics and Astronomy has with world renowned research organisations enticed me to come here. I was very excited to learn from people who have involvement in some of the most exciting experiments in the field! (I found out later that you can not only learn from them, but also work with them and be part of their research team, but that’s something I’ll leave for later…) Continue reading “Student experience – from experiments to transferrable skills”

Edinburgh Award recipients honoured in recognition for their extra-curricular activities

From left to right: Dr. Jean-Christophe Denis (Physics Outreach Team Leader), Harry Carstairs (Physics Outreach Team), Cameron Johnston (Physics Outreach Team,) Frederik Madsen (Maths Buddies), Simona Prokopovic (Maths Buddies), Matthew Parkes (Physics Outreach Team)

Photo: Dr JC Denis, Ogden Outreach Officer with some of our student award recipients

Well done to the 15 School of Physics and Astronomy Students who received an Edinburgh Award at a ceremony in April.

The Edinburgh Award

The Edinburgh Award recognises the non-academic University activities, such as volunteering work, community activities or part time work, which some students take part in. The Award encourages students to reflect on and develop the skills gained through taking part in such activities.  One of the important aspects of the Award is the opportunity for students to articulate what they have gained from such activities – a skill which will be of advantage when communicating with potential employers. Continue reading “Edinburgh Award recipients honoured in recognition for their extra-curricular activities”

A new chapter

Edinburgh skyline

by Luke Mitchell

University can be daunting. If you’re reading this you’ve been there. You know the anxious feeling you get before leaving almost everyone and everything you know. Nobody wants to leave their dog behind – wagging it’s tail – oblivious to the fact you might not come home again for months at a time.

I left home to fly up to Edinburgh on a rainy Monday afternoon. All I was sure of, is that I had a place at University and an Airbnb for a week. Was I scared? Sure. Was I worried? Absolutely.

Continue reading “A new chapter”