‘Sanduleak 69’ shine bright during the Modern Physics quiz

Winning team during pub quiz

There was fierce competition during the third annual mid-semester pub quiz held for students studying the year 2 Modern Physics course. The 12 teams battled it out with questions on physics, astronomy, general knowledge and movies, as well as a fun picture round.

Well done to all the competing teams, and congratulations to the winning team ‘Sanduleak 69’, who were presented with chocolates, wine and a winner’s certificate.

So, let’s see how you get on:

Physics: Particles moving in a medium faster than the local speed of light emit what?

Astronomy: What did Didier Queloz and Michel Mayer discover in 1995 that led to their Nobel Prize this week?

Movies: Draw the rebel alliance logo.

General knowledge: What is the national animal of Scotland?

Did someone say haggis…..?

Edinburgh teams storm PLANCKS Preliminaries

Edinburgh team at PLANCKS competition

Photo: University of Edinburgh teams at the PLANCKS Preliminaries

Congratulations to Christos, Ethan, Mike and Matthaios who made first place in the PLANCKS UK preliminaries, and to the University of Edinburgh teams who made it to places 4, 6, 8 and 10 out of 19 teams!

Christos, Ethan, Mike and Matthaios now have the opportunity to participate in the international final which takes place in Denmark in May as members of the UK delegation, alongside teams from Kent and Oxford.

The competition, with a four hour exam, was held at the new headquarters of the IOP at King’s Cross in London. The School of Physics and Astronomy fielded a strong contingent to the competition. Although the exam was viewed as much tougher than in previous years, 5 of the teams in the upper half were from Edinburgh!

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